Today's Forum for Aug. 5

"The amphitheater summer series was fantastic, from music to Shakespeare! We attended all but two. Friday's local talent was among the best. Hope more locals can be showcased there throughout the year."

"The increased prices on tariffed items are an incentive for those items to be made locally, increasing employment. Taxes, regulations and minimum wages are all incentives to move production of those items somewhere that's cheaper, decreasing employment. Which would you prefer?"

"Free stuff, you mean all that money Trump is giving to the farmers because of the his failed tariff?"

"If you look for racism everywhere but your own race, you are looking in the wrong place."

"Is there someone around Dalton that knows how to motorize a bicycle? And about how much would something like that cost? And is it street legal?"

"A cemetery is a sad place to visit but I'm saddened even more when I walk among the graves of extended family and friends and it is apparent that they have been forgotten. Vases that remain empty year after year. I guess there is truth to the saying 'out of sight, out of mind.' Once the money is gone so is the memory."

"A big shoutout to Phyllis with Cuzins Food for the Soul who has a food booth at the downtown Saturday market. Her fried fish, barbecue ribs and fried green tomatoes are amazing!"

"Tom Graves failed to mention the primary reasons Hanwha Q Cells located its plant in Whitfield County: they avoid the federal tariffs imposed on solar imports; they built on free land graciously provided by our county commissioners; and — oh yeah — they pay zero property taxes for the next 10 years and only 50% for five years after that courtesy of our Joint Development Authority with approval by our county commissioners. Yep. Same commissioners who have almost doubled Dalton's property taxes."

"Nice to see Rep. Graves in Whitfield County. I bet he was here to pick up a campaign donation check."

"What is it going to take for the U.S. to pass laws to ban these guns for mass killings? I am a gun owner. I have numerous pistols, shotguns and rifles, but I don't have an AK-47 or any rapid fire weapon. I have no need for one. You can't hunt with them and they are certainly not for target practice. They are only for mass killings. That should only be for the military or law enforcement."

"As Americans are being slaughtered by weapons of war, I wonder how Trump's round of golf went."

"Another day, another mass shooting."

"Of course the Brunswick News is for keeping the UGA-Florida game in Florida, it’s all about the money and they couldn’t care less about the outcome. They have a beach and the ocean to attract visitors that Athens doesn’t have, so move the game to home and home and get over it."

"Is there anyone in Whitfield County that's willing to pay our high property taxes then pay a high SPLOST tax on top of that? The answer is no. Politicians, why don't you move to Rome, Georgia?"

"I just saw the Yankees playing baseball. A bunch of clean cut men. None of those nasty, bushy beards that the Atlanta team has."

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