Today's Forum for Aug. 25

"Socialist Trump just ordered private business to stop trading with China. Even as his own branded merchandise to this day still carries 'Made in China' and 'Made in Mexico' labels. Is there a single real conservative left in the Republican Party who will stand up for free trade or are we a socialist command economy now?"

"When does Trump get to the part of washing Stormy's feet since he's Jesus now?"

"I sure hope the Republican National Committee does not run Lindsey Graham instead of Trump in 2020. Graham would be hard to beat."

"From the comments in the Forum, I would rate most commenters as ignorant of what they are commenting on."

"Forum readers, when you do an internet search don't just look at the first two or three answers, these are the ones they want you to see. Scroll further on down in order to get the other side of the story. If you don't know both sides of an issue, you are not truly informed but indoctrinated."

"Thank you to the sponsors of the live streaming of Dalton High School football. It is really a great opportunity for those like me who can’t get to the games to see the Catamounts. Also, thanks for showing the Dalton High School marching band. I hope this service continues."

"Have a special Forum-type column to let the average citizen send in their SPLOST ideas then have a reader's choice form where we can vote on what we want. Too simple?"

"The Dems are blaming white people for the recent outbreak of killings. Another good reason to vote for a Democrat if you're white."

"This is a shoutout also to at the Dalton farmers market to the Eslinger family farm. They have a big assortment of wonderful vegetables and I just thought it was really nice to see the recognition in the Forum for everybody. Everybody needs to come out and check out the Eslinger's vegetables."

"Trump isn't hurting anybody except the American people in going up on tariffs. And Anybody that can't see that is blind."

"Who is Tom Graves?"

''Walls don't help when the enemy is already here."

"This is for all of the Republicans out there. I think it's time that you got together and told your president and your Senate leaders to sign the bill that's been put on their desk about gun reform. If you don't do it and they don't do it, then you're just as bad as they are."

"If the Democratic Party was really serious about curbing gun violence and going for gun control, they need to start with Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore. They have some of the toughest gun laws in the country but there are still murders. Any gang member can get a gun. So instead of blaming the NRA, Donald Trump, the Republican Party. Actually get involved."

"A good morning is when you wake up with a smile and don't care what stupid thing Trump just did."

"A recent commenter to the Forum asked a question: 'Why is Donald Trump still our president?' I tell you why he's our president. He's the best president this country has had in the past 40 years."

"'Some of you' also said there was a Superfund site under the new 6/7 school. Give me a break."

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