Today's Forum for Aug. 28

"You know what I'm tired of? People who say Democrats don't love this country. I'll put my patriotism and service up against yours any day. But never will I say that you don't love your country."

"To all parents out there, with classes beginning, if your child is a bully or is being bullied, that's OK now. That's the example set forth by the president of the United States."

"To the people that say there is a recession coming, the only people saying that there is a recession coming are the Democrats. They want you to think that a recession is coming. They've tried Russian collusion, they've tried obstruction, they've tried racism, they've tried white supremacist, now they're on recession. There is no recession. And to the person that says Trump is two years into his fake presidency and is about to crash our economy, how's he trying to crash our economy? Our economy is doing fine."

"Excellent column by Kyle Wingfield in Monday's paper. Those of you who think that government schools are nonprofit need to look at our school real estate spending and the payroll for administration, in addition to the votes garnered (paid for) by our tax-and-spend public officials."

"With all the name calling, spending, misconduct and numerous closed door executive sessions, I wonder if there is more than feet and the public good under our officials' meeting tables. You should, too. Vote!"

"Does the City Council not know what transparency is all about? Why do things have to be done behind secret and closed doors? It seems to be happening more and more. Let's put a stop to it. We'll have that opportunity in the next election."

"An Oklahoma judge ruled against Johnson & Johnson and ordered it to pay a fine of $572 million. This will make lawyers richer and make it harder for people with chronic pain to get the medicines for pain they need."

''There may not be a law against pets riding in a driver's lap, but if you do you're not using common sense and that is distracted driving.''

"Dalton Public Schools drops the mic. Thank you for the informative and factual response about the environmental testing."

"Somebody do something about the timing of the lights at North Thornton Avenue and Professional Boulevard. Coming off the bypass you get a green light to turn and you get stuck by that red light. That makes no sense. There's no traffic there."

"I'd rather have a president who insults our allies or panders to our traditional enemies than bow before them like Obama did."

"Right now, Donald, it looks like you're the biggest enemy of our country."

"I have no use for Mike Pence at all but I believe it's time for him to start pushing for the implementation of the 25th Amendment."

"I don't know whether it would be eligible for the SPLOST, but a forensics lab would be nice. Atlanta's lab stays backed up all the time. It would bring in jobs, and the college could offer a major in forensics."

"David Bean is wasting time sending in letters to the editor. Intelligent people won't read them."

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