Today's Forum for Aug. 3

"Congrats to the Bakers for the July Yard of the Month award! I often admire their beautiful roses when I drive by their house. It takes a lot of hard work to keep your yard looking good. I only wish more people in Whitfield and Murray County would try it."

"Why don't people understand that tariffs are taxes on Americans? It's Econ 101."

"There should be a crosswalk between the Rotary Park and Harmon Field."

"Not voting does not forfeit your right to complain. Who told you that? And you can tell that most of us have not voted? I daresay that that’s amazing."

"I wish that the scientist who wrote in Wednesday about global warming not being caused by human activity would have listed his/her credentials. Also, I was in my 30s during the '70s and I don’t remember anyone talking about an Ice Age or anyone talking about the demise of the human race at the end of the decade/century. Maybe he was talking about Y2K."

"Really, Dalton Public Works? Again you're sending the street sweeper though my neighborhood on garbage day? The sweeper has to dodge every garbage can and can't do the job properly. Would you like me to send you the garbage pickup schedule?"

"What's the deal with all of these Democrats and their potty mouths? Can't they use big boy, grownup words instead of having to cuss at every moment of their debates?"

"I think they should take some of our government money and redo the post office next to the courthouse. It looks awful. They need to redo all of that in the front and make it look presentable. They are improving everything but our post office and that is a government building. I think y'all need to fix it."

"It's funny after watching the Democratic debates how quickly they turn on themselves, especially on President Barack Obama. It was comical to see how they complained and turned on a lot of President Barack Obama's policies and actions. It's not a tight-knit group, those Democrats."

"No one is calling you racist unless you do or say something racist or if you support those who do. If you do not acknowledge or denounce racism when you see it or hear it, then it follows that you agree with it."

"All these people keep putting in the paper they want an Olive Garden in Dalton. All they've gotta do is buy a franchise themselves and put one in and that will stop the griping. Just put one in yourself."

"Dalton didn’t support the two Italian restaurants we had. Why do you think an Olive Garden would do any better?"

"Would it even matter if the United States became a zero emission country when India, a lot of the Middle East countries, Russia and China don't care about emissions? So what little bit we would try to save the world and the money it would cost to save the world really doesn't matter because other countries couldn't care less."

"For the person keeping us up to date on the latest items being dumped in the Brookwood subdivision, here's an update from Loveman Lane/Castle Road: an ironing board, children's chairs and what looks like the contents of an entire junk room. There is no end in sight."

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