Today's Forum for Aug. 7

"Trump, such a strong man all Americans should look up to. He didn’t let a bunch of those kind of people murdered in El Paso spoil his weekend."

"I remember growing up being so happy I wasn't growing up in one of the places we saw on the news all the time where people couldn't go out on the streets for fear of being killed by thugs. Well, now we are turning into one of those countries. Just the last four years so much hatred, renewed and heightened racism is ruining our country. And administration in the White House that fuels it almost daily and see nothing wrong with the hatred they fuel and spread."

"Automatic weapons have been illegal to sell in the USA for decades. The AK-47 on sale in U.S.A. are knockoff versions which are not automatic."

"America does not have a gun violence epidemic. There are, however, epidemics in many locales and cities. The vast majority of these cities have been run by Democrats for decades upon decades."

"You don’t need a robe and a pointy hat to be a racist. You’re sitting in a waiting room. Two black people come in and sit down. Then another, then another. If at some point you begin to feel uncomfortable, you might just be a racist. You’re in a takeout restaurant and you hear two employees speaking Spanish. You want to tell them to stop and speak English. You might just be a racist. You’re in traffic and get cut off by a person of color. If you’re first thoughts inline race or ethnicity, you just might be a racist."

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making Christians believe that their job is to judge other people rather than to live in a way that inspires people to follow their example."

"I was watching the news the other day when they showed a commentator standing in front of the White House. Behind him was a Budget moving van parked in front of the White House. Please tell me this means Trump is moving out."

"I laughed at the comment about Trump having blood on his hands. Why blame President Trump for everything? He wasn’t the parent to those killers. If anyone has blood on their hands it’s the people that raise these monsters. There has to be warning signs that are ignored."

"If a broomstick runs against Trump in 2020, I will vote for the broomstick."

"Do you think disarming innocent people will stop crazy people from killing?"

"It appears that the city has lawyered up."

"Will someone please inform me as to why Murray County is considering using our tax dollars to expand the courthouse parking for a courthouse that is no longer functional? Ask any elderly or disabled person who has had to climb up and down those stairs a time or two and they will tell you it is time for a new courthouse."

"The biggest problem we face in this country is the polarization in our politics that filters down into our religion. So nothing gets accomplished as it's one side versus the other side. The only thing we can do is elect leaders who are true moderates and even better independents who aren't beholden to special interest on the right or the left."

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