Today's Forum for Aug. 27

Editor's note: Dalton Public Schools released this statement concerning environmental testing at Hammond Creek Middle School in response to a comment in Monday's Forum: "Dalton Public Schools had thorough environmental testing performed by Geo-Hydro Engineers Inc., under the guidance and direction of Buckley and Associates prior to construction beginning on Hammond Creek Middle School. James Stuckey, director of engineering and surveying for Buckley and Associates, the school district’s architect, oversaw the completion of environmental testing to include a risk hazard analysis and environmental site assessment prior to the site approval by the Georgia Department of Education. Further testing was also done following the site approval from the Department of Education to include subsurface exploration and geotechnical engineering evaluation and environmental investigation."

"For the person that wanted to know if there was a law about pets riding in their owner's lap while the owner is driving, yes, there is a law. It's called the mind your business law."

"Ironically, the ones we entrust to uphold and enforce the law, who have badges and firearms, should be the farthest away from badges and firearms."

"Gun laws do prevent someone from Georgia buying guns and selling them in other states. Google 'straw purchases' and you can read all about it. Stop spreading false info to try and further your cause."

"Another policeman makes their small town look bad for hiring him. Past time to close the doors on Cohutta, Tunnel Hill and Varnell police departments. Make your citizens safe again."

"Watching the latest on the Varnell and Cohutta police departments is almost as much fun as watching the local 'Game of Thrones' series known as the Whitfield County Board of Commissioners. Public service at its finest."

"Behind closed doors is usually when the homemade sin starts. I feel like a bad decision is about to cost the taxpayers a lot of money."

"On Aug. 19, Dalton City Council member Denise Wood meets in a secret session to talk about the convention center hotel. In Saturday's paper, she talks about how she's all for transparency with the council. You can't have it both ways."

"Dan Mullen must have watched a different game than I did. His team looked woefully unprepared."

"'The Peanut Butter Falcon' movie will bring us the first with lots of awards for an actor with Down syndrome. Go see it, it’s a feel good story."

"A Forum caller stated that President Trump is anti-immigration. Absolutely not! The president is for legal, merit-based immigration. Another caller railed about President Trump not mentioning skin color and stated, 'He didn't have to, speaking about people below our southern border.' It is not about skin color but illegal vs. legal immigrants."

"I'm a Democrat. I love America. If you think that anyone who disagrees with your preferred policies is un-American, buddy, that's on you. Get out more."

"I'm not going to get out to watch a high school football game as hot as it is now. These city and county schools are going to have to build dome stadiums."

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