Today's Forum for Aug. 8

"Murray County has the prettiest courthouse in the state of Georgia. It would be cheaper to build a handicapped ramp than to build a new courthouse.''

"Dick Polman's article referring to President Trump's incendiary racism is nothing more than a liberal stir the pot piece of journalism trash. Pushing to secure the border and vetting migrants from terrorist countries is not racist. It is patriotic and putting the safety of American citizens first."

"The hatred started 12 years ago, and has been constantly been pushed by the media and the democrats."

"If you judge a white person by the color of their skin, you might just be a racist."

"Want to stop drunk drivers from killing sober drivers? Ban sober drivers from driving. That's how gun control works. Common sense is not a gift, it's a punishment. Because you have to deal with everyone who doesn't have it."

"I’m getting very tired of hearing the Democrats constantly condemning President Trump, while they lecture us on what is beneath a political office. They have so much more experience on what is beneath, when we are reminded that Ted Kennedy once left a woman to die, Bill Clinton did weird things in the Oval Office, Joe Biden publicly fondles women, Hillary Clinton lied and released classified information and Anthony Weiner — well, do I really need to say more?"

"Biden/Obama 2020. Make America happy again."

"To the Forum cynic who continues to complain about the breaks given to Hanwha Q Cells: I bet that the 600-700 people who work there would disagree with you!"

"Why the constant lie that President Trump is a racist and spews racist rhetoric? You know it's a lie if you really listen to what he is saying. So why are you so afraid of the truth? Or, can you not recognize the truth because you have been so indoctrinated into the left's warped ideology and their lies and hate rhetoric and them constantly convincing you that you are a victim that you can't determine for yourself what President Trump is really talking about?"

"For the person looking for grandfather clock repair, there is also Keith Seabolt Clock Shop in Cleveland, Georgia. The phone number is (706) 219-3556. He will travel to your home."

"With all of the complaining about no Olive Garden in Dalton, junk on the side of the road in Brookwood and no parking at the little park across from Harmon Field, Obama and Trump are getting a break, aren't they?"

"There are a whole lot of elected officials and so-called Christians fanning the flames."

"My goats got out and ate some of my corn. I guess I'm going to blame Trump for that."

"Everybody in Dalton needs to try Debbie Madden's homemade fried pies. Apple, cherry and peach. They're delicious."

"Somebody said they'd vote for a broomstick before they'd vote for Trump. Well, I'm holding them to it because I'd rather have them vote for a broomstick than any of those Democrats that are running."

"If we're sending the best and the brightest to Washington, D.C., to represent us, we are in big time trouble, folks."

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