Today's Forum for Aug. 9

"Who would want to associate with Republicans or Democrats? What a joke. Time for a true change towards an independent who leads with their heart and not with special interest dollars."

"Responding to the recent Forum comment that the Atlanta Braves management was the worst in in all of Major League Baseball. When you look at all of the 30 Major League teams, Atlanta currently has the fourth best win-loss record."

"A decent man, a mature man, generous of spirit, would not be hurling insults at elected officials by calling their cities rat- and drug-infested. There are decent American citizens who live there and they expect their president to care about them. It’s petty, mean spirited and the go-to response from Trump and his MAGA campaign."

"Sometimes living next door to your mother-in-law is fun and free entertainment to watch her open and shut her backdoor curtain while you're outside mowing your yard —it's hilarious."

"It is a crime and a disgrace for a company to employ 680 illegals, they should have hauled off the employers, too."

"ICE agents arrested 680 hard-working chicken processing employees who happened to be here illegally doing absolutely nothing wrong other than working for a living."

"Undocumented immigrants should get instant citizenship for reporting employers who knowingly exploit them."

"Trump has his supporters so buffaloed that they believe every word he says when evidence points in the other direction."

"Trump’s teleprompter speech in El Paso and tweets make him insidious and dangerous like those who think drinking and driving is a joking matter."

"The Central Park 5 would like to have a word with you on the subject of Trump's racism."

"Racists don't understand that they are racist because they think their racist beliefs are just common sense."

"I hope anyone with intelligence sees through the Democrats' playbook. They have no platform to run on. The economy is great. People are working. Everything is going great. So they have to pull out the racist card. Well, that didn't work. No it's white supremacist. People see through the Democratic facade."

"Donald Trump should not be able to visit the White House, much less live there."

"Thanks to all the carpenters that repair and build our houses. Your work is very important."

"Could you tell me if I got a promotion? Before I was called a Walmart deplorable, and now after reading the paper I'm finding out I'm a white supremacist."

"Will property taxes ever stop? I'm 64 years old, never had a child in the system, my wife's gone, I still owe 14 years on my mortgage and I get scared to death hearing property taxes are going up again. I can't take it. If this happens, I'm going to be homeless. I need help just to survive. I don't know what I'm going to do. My little disability check only goes so far. I have to depend on churches for free food now."

"Thursday's Forum was the best one I've seen in a long time. I think I'll cut it out and keep it. No fake news and no beating down on Trump."

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