Today's Forum for Aug. 10

''We've got way too many people who lack common sense. They are book smart, but lack any common sense, and so many people are letting these people tell them what they need to do.''

"I believe that God sometimes uses the no-nonsense, salty sailor logic to get his job done. He is with Trump, who is often crass and not careful with what he says and he’s certainly not the typical politician. But he’s doing the job of rebuilding the nation I feared that was very close to getting on a fast track at becoming a hopeless cause."

"Who, besides me, would have thought that electric scooters would be dangerous to drive in and around Atlanta?"

"Regarding the Democrats' political correctness insisting the term illegal alien was too harsh and those illegally entering the U.S.A. are simply 'undocumented.' Illegal is illegal, don't try to shade the truth. Also, to question a Democrat on their view, you are immediately labeled racist."

"Are off-duty officers exempt from the hands-free law? One of our finest was chatting on his phone while driving down Dug Gap Road in his little white pickup truck on Friday."

"What if President Obama had said that a lot of white people coming from the majority of white countries are a bunch of crooks, thieves, murderers, always stealing land from people and all these countries that the majority of white people are coming from are a bunch of messhole countries? How do you think white people would have felt?"

"The Democrats are painting Trump supporters as racist. Remember that at election time."

"Who is it that is so fond of parks? Dalton is a small town. Why do we need so many?"

"I don't understand the left's rampage against the NRA. The National Rifle Association has always preached gun safety and proper gun handling. I have yet to see a NRA member cause a mass shooting. The people that are causing these mass shootings have nothing to do with the NRA, but the NRA and Donald Trump are being blamed for these shootings."

"The 10 poorest states are all in the South and are all Republican-controlled. Put that in your pipe and smoke it."

"Raising taxes is a sign that the commissioners do not know how to manage the budget or just don't want to. Elect those who make a promise to lower our taxes."

"I agree that the items left and dumped in Brookwood subdivision and Loveman Lane/Castle Road are not good. But it could be worse. I was driving up Dawnville-Beaverdale Road and about a mile from the school end of the road there were two men burying a dead horse in one of their front yards."

"To the writer that said there is no need for rapid-fire weapons, the Second Amendment doesn't say anything about hunting or target practice. That's not the purpose of the Second Amendment."

"You know, when you give something away it's really hard to take it back."

"Hey Mr. Editor, I've been reading about the yard of the month. I want to know who has the loudest crowing rooster in the city of Dalton. I'm telling you, I think this could be a hot topic. I'm just wondering. I love to hear them crow. It brings back old memories back when I used to live in the mountains."

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