Today's Forum for Aug. 16

"The solution to the parking problem is the free market: It's time to bring back the parking meters."

"Tibbs Road is slowly becoming one long used car lot."

"When you ask why do we support Trump, the Democrats have no one to run. Hillary was a crook and a liar. Trump was the better of the two. Immigration is a mess, insurance is unaffordable, no respect for policemen, trillion dollar debt. The Democrat that was in the office prior to Trump was a dud. Go Trump!"

"Trump may very well win in 2020, but not because he received the most votes. After the votes are in, he’ll scream voter fraud ... not by Russia, but by the Democrats. Without one shred of evidence, he’ll give his supporters the lie they need to abuse his opponents. And though Republicans will bear that shame for a generation or two, they will have what they want, power at any cost."

"When a person breaks into a home, it's usually to steal or do harm to someone. When someone enters our country illegally it's usually to make a better life for their family. Do you know how much it costs to come here legally? And just how little these people have in their country? And yes, they do love their children, that's why they take this chance."

"I can’t vote for someone seeking a position he once resigned from. We needed a mayor then to fill out your term. We’ve got a solid mayor now."

"Way to go, Israel, for banning Reps. Omar and Tlaib! Why would Israel want to have these racists in the country when they have called for a boycott of Israel? I wish we in the USA could ban these two along with their moronic buddies, Ocasio-Cortez and Pressley."

"When Obama and Clinton were in office all I heard was 'They’re coming to get my guns.' Nobody came and 'gun nuts' still believe NRA lies."

"Trump is not my friend, but he is doing what we elected him for. Get over it, you’re blinded by the hate."

"Raise your hand if you think Jeffrey Epstein (f)actually committed suicide."

"Just watched a video press session in which POTUS used the words 'insane,' 'mentally ill' and 'dangerous' in the same sentence. This only serves to further marginalize those with mental illness from mainstream society which is highly stigmatizing and not based on fact. He’ll do anything to deflect responsibility from him and government officials taking measures to protect all citizens. Tragic!"

"I can't resist putting my two cents in on the debate on whether to continue having the Georgia-Florida game in Jacksonville. I didn't go to school at either one but I did go to the University of Kentucky where I was in the marching band and we had some great band trips to Athens when Kentucky played Georgia. Maybe they could toss a coin and decide whether to keep it in Jacksonville or look at the possibility of moving it to Atlanta. It's just an idea."

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