Today's Forum for Aug. 6

"It's so sickening to turn on the TV and see people running for their lives because of another active shooter. What is even more sickening is a government that does nothing about it. I have zero respect for any politician who refuses to do anything about guns. Zero."

"One thing leads to another. Evolution, the removing of any references to God in most institutions and structures, abortion, the disregard for human life and school and mall shootings. It's all related."

"I wonder how many of those 20-plus on the Democratic side are going to be calling for gun control now."

"Donald Trump has blood on his hands."

"When is our congressman Rep. Tom Graves going to publicly denounce President Trump's hate-filled rhetoric?"

"It's not guns that are killing people with all of this horrible stuff, it's pure hatred and evil."

"OK, Mitch McConnell, the ball is in your court. I hope you use it properly."

"What in the world does the person mean when the say how did Obama's net worth get to be millions of dollars just by being president? I'll tell you how. He wrote books and he made speeches. It's like all the former presidents and congressmen. Oh yes, by the way, Michelle Obama's book was a bestseller. I have two of President Obama's books. I also remember Ronald Reagan making a speech for $1 million and getting criticized for it. I believe that was in Japan."

"I, too, want to congratulate the Bakers for their yard. I don't know where they live or anything like that, but to know that they take care of their yard well enough to get nominated and win that award is saying a lot. Most people don't even care about their yards. I personally like to see a pretty yard. I have not been nominated, won't be nominated. That's OK, but I do have a pretty yard."

"What are all these comments in the Forum about the Rotary Park being across from Harmon Field? I'm not from Dalton but I always thought that was the National Guard armory that was across the street from Harmon Field. This makes no sense whatsoever. Could someone in the paper please explain that?"

Editor's note: The Carpet Capital Rotary Club Park is a pocket park at the corner of West Crawford and Ridge streets, across the street from Harmon Field. It has benches, grills and a Little Free Library. The armory is also across the street from Harmon Field.

"I read John Stossel's column titled 'Free stuff is expensive.' I'm a Democrat but I'm not for the candidates that want to give everything away free. I do believe everyone should have medical care. And how do we do it? I believe Joe Biden has the best idea. Expand Obamacare, take back what Trump has taken away and is still trying to take away from us. However, the Republicans give away to the rich and most powerful in our country so what is the difference if we give it to the rich or the poor? At least the poor need it. The rich got most of the tax breaks and always have."

"I'd like to know why there is so much California influence in this area lately. We don't want to be California. California is a horrible state."

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