Today's Forum for Aug. 24

"Two nights ago I was going north on Mill Creek. A broken limb was hanging down that would come in contact with any vehicle going toward Old LaFayette Road. I swerved to the left to avoid contact and was able to return to my lane before an oncoming car got to me. I realized this could possibly cause an accident and called the sheriff's department to report. Much to my satisfaction, when I returned about two hours later two deputies with lights going were on each side and a bucket truck was removing the limb. Great response by our sheriff's department!"

"It's not that the Democrats are wishing for a recession, it's this so-called president is managing our country like he did his bankrupted businesses. It's a warning for the educated — watch out!"

"For as long as I can remember, evangelicals have conducted themselves in ways which God would approve. As a teacher, I’ve watched you raise your children to be moral people who treat others with respect. Are you so sure that God would approve of your support for a lying, cheating, womanizing, dishonest heathen? If I can see how you’ve lost your way, I know God can. By the way, how have you explained it to your children? Normally, children can see through specious reasoning and convoluted thinking. Maybe you’ll be lucky."

"All Democrats are not socialists just like all Republicans are not fascists or oligarchs like the party leadership is. All Republicans are, however, complicit."

"Regarding the city of Dalton's plan to spend $1.5 million on resurfacing 1.6 miles of our streets, I certainly hope they consult with Dalton Utilities on how soon they plan to dig four-by-four foot holes in it like they have done to Tibbs Road and currently Murray Avenue. Residents are tired of the leftover potholes and rough streets. Communication between the heads that be could avoid wasting tax dollars."

"Liberals will soon feel the pain of truth on the so-called collusion narrative they paid for claimed. Liars."

"My mom wants a red light in Dawnville. How would she go about finding out the cost of this project? Should she call the county maintenance office?"

"Looking at this extensive form the commissioners and SPLOST committee put out for project requests I have realized they still do not want public input. This is basically a job bid form. So really all they want is project managers and architects putting in for things for the county. The commissioners and SPLOST committee should be ashamed of themselves for trying to fool us into believing this is anything different than the last SPLOST vote. We need a simple request form and ask whether it's for a local community or countywide and what you think the benefits of your request would be for the community or county."

"Happy to read that Kennesaw State was listed as one of a few colleges that received an 'A.'"

"No Secret Service director, no Homeland Security director, no ICE director, no Secretary of Defense, no Secretary of the Interior, no UN ambassador and, last but not least, no White House chief of staff. You add that all together and what you end up with is someone who has no clue how to run America. Yes, that sounds about right, he hasn't got a clue."

"Thanks, editor, for schooling the one who was clueless about the presence of jus soli. Wonder if that same contributor disapproves of the billions we're sending to Israel each year. The billions that provide Israeli citizens with higher education at no cost to citizens there, as well as state-funded abortions?"

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