Today's Forum for Aug. 30

"With Sen. Isakson retiring, maybe Gov. Abrams can appoint his replacement."

"So, the 'Forum economists' are at odds with the real economists. To the former, wishing won’t make it so."

"Great news about the new housing development up Cleveland Highway. More evidence that government doesn't need to hand out tax breaks like candy to a crying baby to get people to build here."

"You can label Obama’s interactions with foreign leaders any way you want, But he was respected. This man we have now is considered a joke with his constant braggadocio, his childish lies and his almost pathological need for affirmation from people who will never give it."

"You should take the time to talk to the editor before making assumptions about his political leanings."

"As we learn of secret contracts by elected officials involving public property, perhaps we should ask for an in-depth audit of all areas touched by these officials."

"SPLOST proposals: four lanes on Crow Valley Road and/or Reed Road."

Editor's note: What projects would you like to see a SPLOST fund? Send your ideas to the Forum.

"From day one when President Trump was elected, the Democrats started in on him and have not let up. I personally think that the reason that they're all against him is they're jealous because a small businessman can do what he's doing and still step up to be the president of the United States and be that knowledgeable to be able to do what he's doing. Y'all just need to get over it and leave him alone and let him do his job."

"Why do you think Donald Trump is the best president we've had in the last 40 years?"

"This is my ranking of the top five presidents in U.S. history: 5. Donald Trump. 4. Donald Trump. 3. Donald Trump. 2. Donald Trump. 1. Donald Trump."

"Thank God for Joe Walsh. There is finally a Republican that's not a coward."

"You socialistic Democrats out there trust the government more than I do."

"Why doesn't Dalton have an all-night drug store? This town is big enough that we need an all-night, on-duty pharmacy. Can somebody do something about this?"

"Dick Yarbrough made some interesting points in his commentary about the film industry in Georgia. However, the so-called 'heartbeat law' doesn't have a snowball's chance in Hades of being held up in court, so what difference does it make anyway? The whole thing is going to become a moot point."

"Why is it the cities of Varnell and Cohutta can't hire decent cops?"

"I think the town of Cohutta needs to look at their hiring policies."

"The recent incidents in Cohutta and Ringgold prove that small-town police departments are nothing more than playgrounds for wannabe cops. Disband the police departments and contract with the city or county for police services. How many times will these small cities be sued until they realize they can't handle the responsibilities that come with providing quality law enforcement?"

"The word for the day with the Democrat candidates and the Democrat-run mainstream media is chaos. Every one of them uses the same word over and over and over. It's just hilarious."

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