Today's Forum for Aug. 15

"Global warming makes big rebound, 104 degrees in Dalton at 4 p.m. on 8-13-2019.''

"Why are people bragging about the economy being so great when we have record national debt, store closings left and right, wages can't keep up with inflation. People are working two jobs to survive. Farmers are going bankrupt, medical care and prescriptions are unaffordable. Insurance is not affordable for most. Way to go, Mr. Trump, keep up the good work."

"If we stopped all illegal immigration today, by tomorrow, an awful lot of you would start finding things wrong with legal immigration."

"Every country has mentally ill. Every country has video games. Every country has people who don't pray. Every country has racists. Only America has near-daily mass shootings. It's the guns."

"I have a suggestion for the person who thinks Tom Graves is doing such a poor job, why don't you run for his seat? You seem to have all the answers, so run. I am sure that you should have no problem raising the money, by winning the lottery, especially since you have a crystal ball with all the answers!"

"I agree with the comment about parking downtown. I was there this past Tuesday and had to park three blocks away from where I was going. I drive a car and it never fails that some big truck or SUV parks beside you and you can't see to get out. I hate to have to go down there for this reason alone. If you go in a business there's hardly anyone there so what's up with the parking?"

"Edgar Maddison Welch went to stop 'Clinton’s pizzagate' and Patrick W. Crusius went to stop 'the Hispanic invasion of Texas,' both provably wrong, and both with an assault weapon. To me, racist conspiracy theorists and those claiming fake news all get White House inspiration."

"This headline makes no sense to me. 'Experts push for domestic terrorism law after attacks.' Does anyone in their right mind think this will make any difference at all?"

"This is in response to the person in Wednesday's Forum saying President Trump had been heard on the 'Access Hollywood' tape talking about women, and going into the dressing room of the Miss Teen USA, and his alleged friendship with Epstein. I would like to point out that in the unsealed documents released earlier that President Clinton was documented flying on Epstein's private plane. We all know Clinton's appetite for different women. So my suggestion is if you are going to throw rocks, throw them in every direction."

"If I had a friend who lied to me all the time, cheated people of money, was a big womanizer, they wouldn't be my friend very long. So why do you keep holding on to Trump? I know your 401(k) is through the roof. I got better morals than that."

"Do people not realize that illegal immigrants broke the law, they broke into this country. They don’t care about their children or they wouldn’t be criminals. If I break into your home uninvited, then I’ll be arrested and separated from my children. But the news media wouldn’t care about my children crying for me because we are legal citizens of the USA."

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