Today's Forum for Aug. 1

"I have a SPLOST proposal. How about a red light at the intersection of Upper and Lower Dawnville roads, also at Dawnville Elementary School?"

"After watching the Democratic debate Tuesday night, the American people should have a very stark and apparent choice with this coming election. It’s going to be growth versus redistribution and do you believe in more freedom or more free stuff."

"The headline 'Dalton's Jones starts as Fox News contributor' is most encouraging to this community, but did I miss the names of area school, or schools, he attended? Surely this type of information — if I haven't just missed it — are important to Whitfield County readers."

Editor's note: Johnny "Joey" Jones graduated from Southeast Whitfield High School.

"If you are white and criticize a black person you are called racist by liberal Democrats. If you are black and criticize a white person you aren't considered racist by liberal Democrats. For example, Elijah Cummings has repeatably criticized President Trump and even said he did not think Trump was a legitimate president. No one called him racist. President Trump criticized Elijah Cummings and Democrats immediately accused him of being a racist. Democrats have been terrifying Republicans with the 'racist' tar brush for decades. It's about time more people began speaking out about corruption and incompetence and quit worrying about false labels."

"On the subject of Baltimore, I was there in 1963. It had problems then and now, just as all large cities in the U.S. do, including my hometown of Charlotte. The people in the two parties are going to have to work together, and shouting matches have never gotten anything accomplished."

"I don't know who is responsible for hiring the guy that is in charge of running the Braves. Whoever he is, both of them should be fired. He was a Dodgers man. You don't need to hire your bitter enemy to run your team. I thought I would write this to see if any Forum readers agree with me."

"To all those people in the Forum, the comment about global warming on a cool morning, it was a joke. Lighten up, it was a joke."

"I need to know somebody who can fix a grandfather clock. Could someone put their name and number in the Forum for me?"

"If Donald Trump said the world was round, the Democrats would insist it's flat and call him a racist to boot."

"I will call into the Forum and say I don't care if Olive Garden moves into the O'Charley's building because I don't really like Olive Garden. We had a wonderful Italian restaurant here twice and neither was as well supported as they should have been."

"There's a whole lot of districts across America that happen to be in really bad shape, and you happen to be living in one right now. But Trump won't criticize them. What's Tom Graves done for Whitfield County?"

"I turned on CNN last night. I thought 'My Cousin Vinny' was supposed to be on. But those clowns that were on there were pretty good, so I guess I'll see 'My Cousin Vinny' some other time."

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