Today's Forum for Aug. 31

"Coming soon to a cable lineup near you: TND — Trump News Daily. Gotta find a home for the propaganda since Fox News is the latest to succumb to the liberal mainstream media takeover. Don't get too attached, though. It won't be long until taxpayers eat the cost of that, too, after he files bankruptcy for its failure."

"Trump is so wishy-washy that the man can't make up his mind from one day to the next."

"We need to stop saying things like Trump is the dumbest president we've ever had. We're all Republicans, we're all in this together, we need to be faithful to him and stick up for him. It's just like a marriage."

"You Democrats need to leave our great president alone. He knows what he's doing and he's good at it. Suck it up."

"How about we just boo Donald out of office. Maybe that will work. Boo!"

"The Cohutta cop was fired. That's justice. But will he be prosecuted like you or I would? We'll find out soon."

"If you think that Cohutta police officer will serve one more day in jail, you are delusional. In Whitfield County, law enforcement officers are given a different set of rules. They are above the law."

"I think a better name for it is antisocial media. The comments in this Forum are very similar. Not many here I would enjoy having a cup of coffee with."

"If you read Monday's front page you'll see why selling beer is not anything to brag about."

"This got me laughing this morning. I liked the new law about the dogs riding in the car, the mind your own business law. That needs to go in the law books. That's a good one."

"What can be conservative in daily life? But political conservatism was a created concept and exposed as a fake ploy. It no longer exists."

"I've got a great idea for a SPLOST project. Turn the fountains back on in downtown Dalton."

"It doesn't matter what we recommend for SPLOST projects. The government already has their want lists made out. They are just paying lip service to us so when they come begging for a SPLOST they'll holler 'We gave you a chance to tell us what you wanted.' Come on, we're not that dumb. We see what's going on."

"As far as SPLOST projects go, how about bathrooms next to Burr Park downtown? They would be a great alternative to the nasty porta-potties we have to use when there's an event there. But if we got nice bathrooms, the homeless would ruin them so just nevermind."

"This is my dream. Build a bridge overpass across the intersection of Cleveland Highway and the bypass. That project would do wonders to cut down on gridlock traffic and add years to the lives of us who battle it every single day. I know it will never happen, but you asked for SPLOST ideas so you'll get SPLOST ideas."

"I'd like to see part of the trail at Haig Mill Lake Park paved. Not the entire loop, just the sections that get super muddy when it rains and take forever to dry out. That park is first class. A few upgrades here and there would make it even nicer."

"I got an idea for SPLOST projects: nothing. We don't need a SPLOST. How many times do voters have to tell you that?"

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