Today's Forum for Aug. 11

"I appreciate my neighbors coming and mowing my yard for me. I'm disabled. They won't accept payment, they just do it because that's what they want to do. They're just kind people. I am so thankful for them."

"What a way to take the focus off the bad press Trump received in reaction to his visits to El Paso and Dayton. He just happened to approve a raid the day after he was rightfully trounced by the media. Perhaps ICE needs to raid Trump businesses that employ illegal immigrants and round up the owners/operators, including POTUS himself as he is still personally profiting from those who stay there. By the way folks, that’s a violation of the emoluments clause. How is he even still in office?"

"Schools rarely achieve above the community’s economic status."

"In the interest of fairness, I live in the northern end of the county and in addition to the usual fast-food trash and beer containers that are routinely ejected from vehicles, I have been gifted with mattresses, small appliances and (wait for this) an outboard motorboat, minus the motor. On the plus side (the boat was not an asset), I have been lucky to receive the most loyal of dogs and the most loving of cats. I’ve come out way ahead."

"The Forum caller referencing 'What if President Obama said a lot of white people coming from white countries are crooks, thieves, murderers ...' etc. President Trump talked about MS-13 gang members crossing the border illegally (not brown skinned) and vetting migrants from terrorist countries (no skin color mentioned)."

"Since the Mueller report didn't get President Trump, now he's a racist. My God, people. You're not going to win this. I'm voting for Trump."

"Just an old expression: 'We are judged by the company we keep.' It seems to me the president and his friends are all painted with the same brush. If you don't speak out about racism, then you must agree with it and him. The Republican Party is lost. They will not be re-elected because they lack the courage to stand up for what is right. This is not political, it's the difference between right and wrong."

"Who's running the country? The president or the NRA? I don't see anything wrong with a background check for a gun. What is wrong with that? If someone could answer that question I'd love to hear from you."

"Why does Chairman Laughter focus primarily on big SPLOST expenditures when providing a county finance overview? Did she discuss how much it costs each year to operate and maintain all the new stuff? Do folks living in the county know how much they are paying in property taxes for the new fire stations, fire trucks and full-time personnel vs. the small reduction they received in homeowners insurance? The special tax district is costing them an additional 3.44 mils. Nowhere to go but up."

"Has anyone seen Kaylee Nix tell the weather on channel 12 out of Chattanooga? She does an excellent job. She's the best one I've seen in a long time."

"I know we have to have immigration laws, but to watch these little children crying and begging for their parents is so heartbreaking. This little girl crying, saying her dad is not a criminal just made me sick. The hypocrites are the business owners that employ them and want them here. Trump is the biggest hypocrite of all. He has employed them at his businesses and his golf courses and now he wants to get rid of them."

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