Today's Forum for Aug. 12

"A couple of weeks ago, we were having all of that terrible, terrible rain. My husband and I went to the new Food City on Walnut Avenue. When we finished paying for our items, the young lady who checked us out said if you'll just go right over to the door she said the young men in raincoats with umbrellas will walk you to your car, which they did. I love the new Food City. I thought this was a service that you don't see at other grocery stores in town and I wanted to say thank you to Food City for being so kind."

"My husband and I went to see 'Working,' the ACT production, the other night and it was so wonderful. It was such a wonderful story about the different occupations that people have and how important every occupation is and how important each person is. For me, it was a night of a lot of laughter and also some tears. We have a lot of talent in Dalton and 'Working' is an example of that talent."

"If you own a company and you get caught with illegal immigrants, it ought to be a $100,000 fine for each person. It wouldn't take long for these companies to straighten up."

"We can expect the flag to be flying at half-mast as long as Trump is still around as president."

"I'd like to know if the ones that are on the SPLOST committee are in favor of lowering the property taxes in the same amount if we pass the SPLOST tax. If you're not in favor of this, don't waste our time and our tax money. We're not going to vote it in unless you lower the property taxes the same amount."

"The Democrats and the left-wing news media always dissing Donald Trump have forgotten they are the reason he was elected to begin with."

"Why don't the powers that be contact Dollar General and get one down in the Carbondale area? There's a place right off the freeway that would be perfect for one and it would do a good business."

"Talk about driving a scooter in Atlanta, I wouldn't feel safe if I was riding around in a tank. But I'll tell you one thing, I'd feel safer riding a scooter in Atlanta than I would riding a scooter in Dalton."

"I hurt for my brothers and sisters. Unconditional love."

"I'll take Biden's flubs over Trump's insanity all day long."

"President Trump said that Kim Jong-un apologized to him for his recent missile test. Our president is becoming ever more delusional and actually is a danger to our country."

"I'll tell you why we need assault weapons and high capacity magazines, for a tyrannical government. We're going to have single shots and they're going to have automatics."

"Donald Trump does not have blood on his hands. The person that said that has hatred in his mouth."

"I thoroughly enjoyed Cal Thomas' column in Tuesday morning's paper. I tell you what, people need to wake up because telling the truth isn't racist. The truth hurts sometimes but it's still the truth. These Democrats are the ones lying to you."

"The city of Dalton has a board for every decision they have to make. Now, they are hiring lawyers to do their negotiating. Why do we need a City Council? They waste money at every turn, just like the roof on City Hall."

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