Today's Forum for Dec. 28

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"Maybe all of these Democrat people who are wanting Trump out of office will be satisfied when they get him out of office and all of the jobs go back to China. That will sure make them happy, won't it?"

"In case Donald Trump gets impeached, let's vote for Donald Trump Jr. Let's put him on the ballot."

"This country is in better shape than it has been in a long time, and these socialist, liberal Democrats just can't stand it."

"You have to admit Trump has a method to his madness with his tweets. It forces the liberal news media to stay busy because they have to be up overnight to see what he tweeted. It usually ends up being the story of the day."

"Here’s a different point of view that might cause others to do good deeds. To the elderly gentleman on Keith Valley Road who had fallen off his bicycle and couldn't get himself and the bike upright, and on a curve, no less: First of all, I’m sorry that you had to go through that. I know you hurt your knee in the tumble and had the wind knocked out of you. I’m glad you're OK and I’m glad you were near home. Thank you for the opportunity to help someone I didn’t know, for the opportunity to remind myself that we all need assistance at some time in our lives and for the opportunity to be grateful that I was on the giving end of a not so great situation."

"So, Evangelical Times magazine, when did you first notice something was wrong?"

"McConnell doesn’t realize he belongs to a separate branch of the government. His running over to the White House to collude with Trump amounts to jury tampering, which is a crime. If he has to swear an oath of impartiality during the trial he will lie like all Republicans."

"I went to the store the other day to buy some Kool-Aid, but they were out. Turns out, the Trump supporters drank it all."

"Dalton wonders why we have 62% of people working here and living elsewhere. Maybe because we are destroying the remaining decent areas as we are putting in a car wash on Tibbs Road where there's already too much congestion and possibly a parking lot in Dickson Acres."

"What the Democrats are doing and the way they are doing it is called communism and dictatorship."

"Greta Thunberg is nothing but a pawn of the left."

"Stop with the discouraging words and politically correct talking points when describing President Trump. His tweets are not an attack on anybody. They are his opinion and President Trump has a right to his opinion just like all other Americans. The biased media is also guilty of deliberately using words to discourage President Trump and sway public opinion. Enough!"

"In talking about chicken sandwiches, nothing was said about chicken wings. So we know why people want a Hooters to come into Dalton. As far as chicken sandwiches go, I like any of them, anywhere. I haven't tried Popeyes yet but I'll give it a shot and see if what they're saying is all it's cut out to be."

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