Today's Forum for Dec. 29

"Mr. Editor, have you been saving all the wonderful comments in the Christmas Day Forum? Please share them with your readers more often cause they are very heartwarming! The New Year is approaching so positive comments would be greatly appreciated. Have a happy New Year everyone!"

Editor's note: No, those were positive comments that had been published previously this year.

"The gentleman and his wife (don’t know their names) who are walking Dug Gap Road and Walnut Avenue cleaning up other people’s trash should be nominated for Citizens of the Year. Thanks to this couple."

Editor's note: Steve and Beth Laird have been helping keep Dalton clean for several years now. We all thank them tremendously.

"I’d vote to dissolve the city of Varnell if I could. What are they doing? The search for a new police chief should have been over by now. It’s been over six months since he announced that he was retiring."

"Just checked. The Trump lovers left all kinds of Kool-Aid at Kroger, both sweetened and unsweetened."

"Ah, The Forum after the Christmas holidays, where Fox News-addled Republicans come to vent their spleen after being laughed at by their extended family. It warms the heart."

"No wonder we don't get nice restaurants in town like Olive Garden with comments like 'You don't even have to leave a tip.' That's appalling. If I was a server, waitress or waiter I would be very upset at that comment."

"I'm sitting in front on Kroger on Cleveland Highway on a Saturday morning at some young guy drives by with all of his windows down with rap music playing with totally vulgar words. The windows are down for only one purpose, that's where people have to hear that nasty music."

"One of the catchphrases of the left is diversity. Words are very cheap, but what they mean by it is conformity to their 'anything goes' agenda. Everything is to be tolerated as long as it doesn't smack of any Christian morality of ethics. This must be the case because a true Christianity, which is a rare thing, will always contradict and expose a man-directed ideology."

"This is to all those Trump haters out there. I would hate to be in their shoes when they stand before God."

"You want to thank Trump for bringing back merry Christmas? What are you talking about? That's crazy. Like something you heard on Fox News."

''If you think Nancy Pelosi is a liar, I'm curious, what do you think about Trump?''

"There was never any clear evidence of a quid pro quo with Trump’s telephone call with the Ukrainian president. There is very compelling evidence of a quid pro quo with Joe Biden’s threat to the Ukrainians when he was vice president and then bragging about it on a video. Yet, the liberal Democratic Party and the media would try to have you believe that Trump’s non-existent quid pro quo is an impeachable offense which demands his removal from office, whereas Biden’s quid pro quo was perfectly acceptable."

"Dear county commissioners. You just voted for a 2020 budget that is 7% higher than projected 2019 spending. Why? Commissioner Brooker bragged on department heads because 2019 spending is well under budget. Nobody deserves kudos for consistently spending less than their budget or for consistently spending a lot of money at the end of the year so their budget won't be cut. They aren't setting a tight budget in either case."

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