Today's Forum for Dec. 1

"To the person claiming all the people driving and talking on the phone are over 60. Apparently you have something against older drivers. Now let me say this. All I ever see still on the phone and texting while driving is from about 40 down. Seems this younger group think they can do it all. So get off the phone and drive. Oh, and stop whining about people over 60. If you are lucky you will make it there one day."

"President Trump will be easily re-elected. Ginsberg will kick the bucket or retire. Trump will get another Supreme Court justice and Democrats will go insane."

"Has anyone got the number for the Democratic Party? I want to go up there and testify for Trump."

"I have researched some of the stories that Fox News has reported on and to be truthful, I have found them to be quite truthful. And to be truthful, history shows that a lot of phone calls and meetings take place between governments in secret, behind closed doors. It has to be that way."

"Treat President Trump fairly and with respect and then if he loses, treat everyone else fairly. Give him a chance. Please. There's something that you Democrats aren't seeing in our great president."

"Take the Democrats and the Republicans out of the equation and see what is best for your billfold, then you can decide who you want to vote for."

"To the person who can't watch Fox News in the waiting rooms, I'd like to watch CNN so I can get some chuckles."

"For those of you who do not want to watch Fox News at the doctor's office, I bet if you talked to the front desk very politely they'll turn it on to any fake news channel of your choice."

"To the Forum presenter that said Trump only cares about what's good for Trump needs to get his information together. That's totally wrong."

"I want to say something nice about Republicans. If I ever break the law and have to go to court, I want all Republicans on my jury."

"President Trump had the audacity to beat Hillary Clinton for president even though most people thought she was going to be ordained, coronated as the next leader of the free world. But you know what? They've been trying to impeach him since the first day of his presidency. There's plenty of proof of that."

"To the person that can't understand how many educated people are still for Trump, that's because we're for freedom instead of communism."

"To the person that thinks Kaepernick is a hero, people just want to watch sports, games and television without having to be involved with politics."

"I do no watch the NFL because of Colin Kaepernick and I do not buy Nike."

"Keep disparaging Colin Kaepernick and Nike, and keep watching them roll in the money. The joke is on the haters."

"The No. 1 rule for driving in the City of Dalton is this: Do not go through the intersection until the last person has run the red light, then proceed with caution."

"I noticed in the Forum that several callers said Trump was sticking the taxpayers for bills on his travels and so forth. Every president we've had in history has done that."

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