Today's Forum for Dec. 5

"I don't see what the big deal is with Olive Garden. You can get spaghetti at the Shoney's and they've got a buffet, too. If you want that fancy pasta all you have to do is go to Applebee's and you can watch a ball game, too."

"Putting an Olive Garden where O'Charley's was is a terrible idea. It's a very congested area. Find a better area and they will come!"

"A new James Brown Recreation Center sounds great, but do we really need it? Before deciding to pay an architect for a design, did the Dalton City Council request basic data such as annual usage of the current facility over the last five to 10 years? As a taxpayer, I expect the council to do homework -- specifically, a thorough needs assessment before deciding that spending millions on a brand new, fancy facility is a good thing."

"Oh, dear. More SPLOST money wanted to purchase yet another ladder truck for the city fire department. Between the city and the county, how many ladder trucks have we taxpayers purchased? How many are truly needed? Does anyone even ask that question?"

"Well alrighty, boys and girls, the way I see it, Chick-fil-A should be having to close their doors. I mean, no one on the side of LGBTQ said they were not eating there anymore because of the support to groups against them. Now that they have backtracked on that, all of the so-called Christians have said they will no longer eat there. Personally, I do not see much Christian in folks that want to hate and mistreat others, period. But that is my opinion."

"Don't ruin Christmas with your hateful comments. If you don't like the songs 'This Christmas' and 'Mary Did You Know?' don't listen, but don't ruin it for those who do. The Forum is full of hateful comments every day about politics, etc., and bashing Christmas music is pointless on your part."

"The sycophants that follow Trump are akin to voyeurism. He has done them no material good so they can only watch."

"The comment about the likes of Putin, Erdogan and Kim Jong-un flattering President Trump to get what they want is off base. First of all, those three ruthless men don't have the ability to flatter anyone. Also, President Trump has been a savvy New York businessman in his life before president. Even with his ego, President Trump would be able to see through those charades in a heartbeat."

"After Nancy Pelosi recently called President Trump an imposter, it now looks as though Congress is 90% of the way down the road of the impeachment process and it's all fabricated on the Democratic Party's inability to accept the results of the 2016 election."

"Today, I love my family, my neighbors, my friends and you."

"In Dalton, the drivers need to learn that a green light means go. It's not debatable to sit there. Just like a red light means stop, it's not debatable. Dalton drivers will sit half the time when it's green and everybody behind them is blowing their horn and they're on their phone or debating whether to go. Come on, people, wake up. Green is go, red is stop."

"I'd go barefoot before I'd wear a shoe endorsed by Colin Kaepernick. Anyone that would buy those shoes and go along with what he's done, I don't know what to think of them. I mean, he wouldn't event stand up for the flag. If he can do that and get by with it and get money for it then who's to say someone else might not do the same?"

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