Today's Forum for Dec. 31

"I wouldn't begrudge our law enforcement getting so many and very expensive new vehicles if I could occasionally see them used in any sort of traffic enforcement. Cellphone use, slow poking, speeding, failure to obey traffic signs or signals, distracted driving and failure to signal turns would be some good starting points."

"Georgia's homeless population increased by 10% with absolute Republican rule, so we're not doing much better than California. You really should ask yourself, before you regurgitate these talking points, what someone has to gain by lying to you."

"No late fees for Los Angeles will be a nightmare. The government can’t do anything right but steal money from taxpayers."

"You know how the editor occasionally reserves a day for certain causes? What about a day for local politics, but you only post comments from people who clearly understand the issues? Civics day in The Forum!"

"It seems to me the good old boy way of doing things is alive and well in Varnell."

"Donald Trump is Ronald Reagan with ADD and a cellphone."

"I really have to laugh at the Democrats who are crying 'impartiality' in the Senate, that we can't have bias and everybody has to think for themselves. Yeah, just like the House did in the impeachment hearings."

"Nancy Pelosi thinks the longer that she holds off in sending the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, it's going to make Trump look bad. In reality, it's going to backfire on the Democrats and make him look even better."

"After reading the Forum last Thursday, I was beginning to wonder if InfoWars hacked your paper."

"Just wondering if anyone else sighted Sasquatch in Tunnel Hill this past Friday night."

"I'm a huge Clemson fan and I've kept my mouth shut until Saturday night. We whipped a little Buckeye butt and I am looking forward to playing LSU, a little Tiger on Tiger."

"The do-nothing Democrats have already dug their own grave. I feel sorry for them. I used to be a Democrat, but not anymore."

"This is to all the ladies in the Forum. I am 65 years old and I was wondering if you knew where I could find a pantsuit already put together. I am not color coordinated. I used to be able to find them with the jacket, blouse and pants all together. I'm desperate."

"How come I routinely see city police cars and county sheriff's cars excessive speeding at 15 to 20 miles per hour over the speed limit and they do rolling stops at stop signs and they don't have their emergency lights on? How do they get away with it?"

"I hope everyone read Dick Yarbrough's piece in Sunday's paper. What an inspirational story. If we all took it to heart and pledged to influence everyone for the better, what a difference it would make. It would snowball and change a lot of lives."

"In this day and age when slack is given to everyone and everything, none is given to President Trump."

"This is to all the Trump haters out there. You are the bullies. Never in history has our president and his family been treated the way President Trump and his family have. I'm ashamed of the people in this town."

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