Today's Forum for Dec. 2

"Special holidays and family gatherings can be totally ruined if you allow anyone to talk politics. Sorry your Thanksgiving was ruined. Before you get together with family and friends for Christmas or New Year's at your home make it clear to all your guests there will be no political discussions in your home."

"No drama at our Thanksgiving dinner. All of our family works and pulls their own weight. I’m thankful that they weren’t indoctrinated while in college. Looks like someone spoiled their children."

"Over the last three years, many people have frequently asked me how I can still support Donald Trump. My short answer is always the same: Have you looked at the alternative? Most of all, I support him for saving the Supreme Court from Hillary Clinton."

"Forgiving student loan debt would do more to boost the middle class than any tax cut."

"People overheard the call because Trump is an old man who screams into his phone because he's too vain to wear heading aids."

"The Falcons' season is over. Why fire Dan Quinn now? It's too late. Should have fired him before the season started. Arthur Blank is just waiting for the season to be over with. Quinn is gone. Why pay for two head coaches? Blank is just trying to save a little money."

"To drivers out there of all ages, either use the Bluetooth capabilities on your car stereo or get a hands-free device to place in your car. It’s the Georgia state law to not have your cellphone in your hand at any time while driving! Oh, and please start using your blinkers."

"I hope the rumors are true about Mike Bobo coming home to be the new offensive coordinator for UGA. I never thought I’d ever say that."

"What a ride for the North Murray Mountaineers football team! Congratulations to the players, their parents, families, coaches, cheerleaders, marching band, teachers, fans, sponsors and everyone else that made 2019 an unforgettable season in Murray County."

"I don't think there was a whistleblower. I think that was made up by Adam Schiff in order to get these hearings started."

"What's up with all of these commercials on TV? I'm trying to watch a show that I'm interested in and 15 commercials and just a tiny bit of the show and another 15 commercials. That is just ridiculous. Somebody needs to do something about that silly stuff."

"Aren't their enough comments called into the Forum without every day there being something about Trump? It's always politics, politics. Give us a break. There's got to be other informative remarks made to be put in the Forum other than President Trump this, President Trump that. I voted for him last term, I'll vote for him next year. Just put something in there more enlightening, OK?"

"Trump says everything that's been said is hearsay. How many people are in prison on account of hearsay evidence?"

"I don't know why all of these emergency vehicles respond to minor accidents. Couldn't someone tell the fire department when it's just a fender-bender?"

"Why is it whenever a Democrat becomes president, they clean house? No holdovers from the previous administration are working there, and yet the Republicans keep them around, and it usually backfires on them. So hopefully next time a Republican gets in office they'll clean house and there won't be any of this Deep State garbage. Donald Trump will come out OK on this but I think he learned a lesson. You get rid of the Deep State or it will come back to bite you."

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