Today's Forum for Dec. 4

"The Breitbart/Fox News/Forum commenter pipeline is terrifying. How much Kool-Aid do you have to drink to believe there is no whistleblower and Trump is totally innocent? How does the paper not burst into flames just from the absurdity of those words in print?"

"Republicans used to believe in fiscal responsibility and that Russia was our main geopolitical foe. George H.W. Bush was the last Republican of that era. How current Republicans support this fiscally irresponsible and Putin-supporting president is a mystery to me. Giving tax cuts and increasing government spending stimulates the economy in the short term but is long term irresponsible. Dictators like Putin, Erdogan and Kim Jong-un are able to use flattery to get what they want from this man. Hopefully some real Republicans will begin to break ranks and support getting rid of this self-styled 'King of Debt.'"

"In his latest spiel of histrionics, Polman says President Trump continues to stack the courts (last sentence). His predecessors have done the same when given the opportunity. FDR did that and is considered one of the best U.S. presidents ever. Obama tried to do the same, but the historical jury is still out on him."

"Democrat Adam Schiff has pursued President Trump with the obsessive zeal of Inspector Javert in ‘Les Misérables,’ but his illusory and deceitful results now appear to resemble something from the inept and incompetent Inspector Clouseau in the ‘Pink Panther.’"

"Trump has lost the right to critique anyone for having an affair."

"No government organization deserves unconditional support, especially the police. People with the legal ability to kill need extra scrutiny."

"'This Christmas' is a terrible Christmas song. It’s dumb and almost as pointless as 'Mary, Did You Know?' which anyone who read the Book of Luke knows she knew."

"My family and I, also productive and successful people, had a great Thanksgiving dinner, too. We even discussed politics, but the children are not allowed to act like Trump and the adults know better."

"The person who thinks that Schiff is the whistleblower needs to buy a roll of aluminum foil and make a new hat."

"OK, name another president who spent millions at resorts, golf courses and hotels he owns and profits from."

"To the person who said they will no longer eat at Chick-fil-A, I say to you that’s your decision. Just like it’s their (company) decision to keep making a good product and to represent core Christian values — in spite of you, sir."

''I still love Chick-fil-A. It's their money, they can do what they want with it.''

"It has been shown time and time again God takes care of his own."

"With Ohio State's weak schedule, I'm not surprised they are undefeated. Go Dawgs.''

"Does anyone know how much this impeachment calamity is costing the taxpayers? Does anyone care? Is this what you want from your politicians? I would love to see someone crunch those numbers."

"The SPLOST may be nothing but a scam. For example, roads were paved, re-paved and repaired prior to the existence of a SPLOST. Why does it take a SPLOST to fund these activities now? Sounds like some regular tax money that used to go to these activities has been shifted to something else. I'd like to see what percentage of the budget went to these activities before the SPLOST capability existed versus after. Might tell us something."

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