Today's Forum for Feb. 4

"No matter what GOP candidates tell you, the Democratic Party is not socialist. Socialism is the belief that the production of wealth should be owned by the government. That has never been the economic system in this country, and it is not foreseeable that it ever will be. Democrats own and work for private businesses. We believe in taking care of people, in health care that serves all, and in giving people a hand up when times are hard. Programs promoting social welfare are no more socialistic than building a wall with taxpayer money."

"I watched the Super Bowl and concluded if the halftime performance by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira is considered entertainment, then obviously there are a lot of people in our society who are very easily entertained."

"After watching the Super Bowl halftime show, I'm confused. I thought female performers didn't want to be considered as sex objects. Bring back Sir Paul McCartney!"

"Jimmy Carter was and still is a wonderful Christian man but was the worst president."

"Teachers, unlike doctors and pharmacists, are being paid by the taxpayers so they have to have more accountability. Teachers knew that they would be overworked and underpaid. They knew what they were getting into."

"I was surprised to learn in the Sunday Forum that even one Democrat senator is powerful enough to tell 99 Republican senators what to do. And even one Democrat representative can tell 434 Republicans what to do. Man, oh man! If they are that powerful, I'm voting for every Democrat I can. I want to be on that side. Surely they would be able to make Putin and Kim behave!"

"I support Dalton becoming a Third Amendment sanctuary city."

"Wow! I just read that residents in Gadsden, Alabama, will no longer be able to stick their pets in the backyard and tether them indefinitely. Dalton and Whitfield County need to take a hard look at that ordinance. I have watched a dog tied up on Dug Gap Road for 15 years and it saddens me and my family every time we have to drive by that poor dog. And no, the animal shelters have not been overwhelmed because of the law."

"Was it intentional or accidental that they did not bother to tell us what the prices for the air show were? Maybe if we knew what they were there would be even less purchased." "There are no slow pokes in the fast lane. They are just people going the speed limit."

"Everyone needs to read the book 'Profiles in Corruption' by Peter Schweizer. It will wake you up. It's about the Democrats. Don't vote without reading this book."

"Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye. Hollywood has just nominated Adam Schiff for an Oscar for best fictional drama."

"Not much of a trial if you don't allow witnesses. Looks like a crook's perfect dream right there."

"All of the Democrats need to be recalled."

"I was born and raised as a Republican in my family and came up one all of my life, but after watching this impeachment trial I no longer have any respect for the Republican Party. They are denying letting the American people know the truth."

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