Today's Forum for Feb. 9

"I think that the majority of our teachers could and would do a much better job if the bureaucracy and the politics were eliminated. They need to be allowed to teach, instead of being forced into a one-size-fits-all curriculum with set methods."

"If our elected officials managed their own money like they do the taxpayers, I don't believe they would be quite so successful. Please be a better steward of our tax dollars. The airshow is just another on the long and expensive list of financial fiascos of their own making."

"I noticed in the Forum that no one mentioned the other expenses for the public if they went to the airshow. Parking, what does it cost to park? Transportation, do they run shuttle buses and who gets paid for that? Concessions, does the city get a cut of any of this? It sounds like a real boondoggle to me."

"Case in point is a 50-year-old woman is an entertainer! Entertainers will do anything to draw in the younger generation. It's all about ratings."

"All you Democrats out here treated Joe Lieberman much worse than the Republicans have Mitt Romney, for much less cause. Pot, meet kettle."

"My sincere thoughts and prayers go out to the person so inconvenienced by having to reset his or her clocks for daylight saving time. It takes maybe one minute out of your life, twice a year. The struggle is real."

"The person who feels sorry for me because I need a gun to feel safe obviously doesn't get out much."

"Why would anyone feel sorry for anybody that's got to carry a gun to feel safe? Why wouldn't they want to carry a gun? Our society now has become so bad that you can be killed for the very least thing. If people had been allowed to carry guns in various places some of these random shootings in malls and churches might not have happened. I agree, I think it should be where people should be able to carry a gun not only to protect themselves but the people around them as well."

"I agree with the Second Amendment supporters, but I want to take it further. I should be allowed to openly carry my gun in the courthouse, inside the state Capitol building, at professional sports games, inside the police department and at my daughter's dance recital. Why are the local and state governments infringing on my Second Amendment right? Come on, Republicans, stand up for the Second Amendment!"

"The need for these Second Amendment sanctuary cities are brought to you by the NRA and false propaganda. Come on folks, use your brain."

"For the person that says Nancy Pelosi is in a failed state of mind, the whole thing that you called in, turn things around where she is now, Democrats are now Republicans and other than the line about second in line to the presidency, this is all Trump. You don't see it. It's amazing. Think about it."

"There are some things that we agree on and some things we disagree on. History will remember Romney, not Collins? I don't think so. He straddled the fence. But, what can you expect? He made a speech defending himself and that would have been fine. Then what did he do? Look how he voted on the second thing."

"I'm glad Romney has sealed his doom on getting elected again. I'm tired of him."

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