Today's Forum for Feb. 8

"Doing away with daylight saving time is the best suggestion in a long time. It has long since passed its usefulness and it's a bother to have to reset clocks. As for the schools, starting and ending hours could be adjusted so kids don't have to wait for buses in the dark. There could also be year-round school. Most countries have implemented this already."

"If teachers want a significant pay raise, it would serve them well to stick together. Many schools operate on a 'kiss up' to the principal system where a few teachers are willing to work for brownie points and recognition."

"Dick Polman is a smart man and I truly hope Democrats will pay attention to the remarks he made about Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders as the nominee for president would spell disaster for the Democratic Party."

"I agree with John Micek's column in Friday's Daily Citizen-News. History will long remember Mitt Romney while Susan Collins' name will go into the dust bins of history. He will be remembered just as well and as long as Benedict Arnold while the winning generals in our fight for freedom and independence are merely faded ink."

"So, Mitt Romney disagrees with the president and does not go along with his party on this subject. And his party wants to throw him out. Do you not see the problem here?"

"Nancy Pelosi seems to be in a failed state of mind. While she has spent years in one of the nation’s senior leadership positions as the Speaker of the House, which is second in line to the presidency, her charade of leadership skills show that hers are almost nonexistent. She is a person obsessed with power in this current role, which is a very frightening thought. By most accounts she is very vindictive, power hungry, obsessed with hate and is leading many Democrats in exactly the wrong direction which certainly doesn’t benefit the country."

"Incumbents, candidates and citizens, of greater consequence than elections, judgment day is coming."

"I feel sorry for people who need a gun to feel safe."

"Georgia weather was flip-flops yesterday and long johns today."

"If Trump’s economy is doing so well why are governments having to cut budgets? Mattex closed and now a Shaw plant."

"Reality check. You may not like President Trump’s personality. Yes, he’s arrogant and abrasive. But he’s getting things done for this country. The office of president shouldn’t be a popularity contest. It should be about getting this country in a better economic condition. Which he has."

"Nancy Pelosi said that President Trump is impeached forever. She and her Democrat friends may have gotten the vote to pass in the House, but here is something for the Democrats to think about for a while. President Trump was acquitted, he is still president of the United States and after the election he will continue to be president for four more years."

"It's kind of funny that there's a complaint about the Super Bowl halftime show and that the 'younger generation' doesn't know how to dress to get respect, when the case in point is a 50-year-old woman."

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