Today's Forum for Feb. 6

"From an old white guy, thanks for printing the Black History Month items next to the history block. I'm learning a lot."

Editor's note: You're very welcome. Thanks also goes to the Whitfield NAACP, who approached us with the idea and is providing the content.

"It’s astounding that people whose actions today determine if their kids and grandkids will even have a future don’t care enough to educate themselves."

"With the numbers of containers arriving from China into northwest Georgia daily, is anyone checking for the virus we are hearing about? After all, these contain a variety of products handled many times by Chinese labor."

"What happens to our Georgia legislators each year when they go into session? It's like they put on their moron caps. Now they're looking at a bill to do away with Daylight Saving Time. Teachers and other educators have to hold their breath every year for 40 days as the money-grabbing legislators try to get their hands on the retirement funds that the educators are due. This is ridiculous. It never ends. Please, Georgia legislators, please act honorable and quit this foolishness!"

"People that go to restaurants can afford to pay for their own meals. The wait staff is the one that needs the money. Tip what you would have paid for somebody else’s meal every so often."

"How come no one yelled out 'You lie'?"

"Oh my gosh! How immature are Trump and Nancy Pelosi? He wouldn’t graciously shake her hand, which I’m surprised she even offered, and she tears up his speech! He didn’t shake Pence’s hand either but Pence never offered his. Total disrespect on both their parts. We are a country very much divided. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are at war and will never come together to make this a better country."

"John Stossel pretty much summed up what will happen if the Democrats win, but he left out what will happen at our borders."

"I can tell you what the $5,000 pay raise for teachers is for. Putting up with rude, foul-mouthed kids that haven’t been taught any manners at home. If you could take a walk down a hallway in one of our high schools you’d be shocked to hear what comes out of a majority of their mouths."

"Telling teachers, or anyone else, that 'they knew what they were getting into' is just another way of keeping the status quo."

"For you people saying the Democrats are for the working man, I don't see how you can say that when they take the working man's money and give it to people who won't work and anything else if it will buy them a vote."

"I hear so much about liberals, conservatives and moderates, the names that humans have labeled on each other. Could you please tell me what's a liberal, a conservative and a moderate? I always thought we were all Americans with agreements and disagreements."

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