Today's Forum for Feb. 2

"Jobs training for the middle class is a great thing! Forcing them to go deeply in debt for training employers should provide is absurd. Knowledge for knowledge's sake is a fine thing, but reading Latin isn't a prerequisite for using Excel."

"First, the Mueller investigation was quashed by William Barr. Now, Mitch McConnell has quashed the impeachment trial in the Senate. There are no checks on Trump. We are no longer a nation governed by rule of law. We are a nation governed by the rule of the rich and powerful, a plutocracy. I haven't felt this hopeless since I got on a plane in 1970 and headed for South Vietnam. I survived that mess. Hopefully, the country will survive Trump."

"The Senate has declined to hear witnesses because they know that any further testimony will only make them look worse when they vote to acquit. The GOP is grand no longer."

"I feel sorry for these people who have no civic pride. Dalton is great, and we deserve buildings that reflect that!"

"The building currently housing the chamber of commerce and Carpet and Rug Institute was formerly the United States post office. This is an example of a government building in downtown Dalton that is greater than 100 years old."

"Even the almost new Taj Ma City Hall roof needed to be replaced at the taxpayer's expense. Someone messed up this job because that roof should have had a warranty of at least 25 years. The problem with government is that there is no accountability!"

"I saw zero ads for ticket sales, or any ads about an air show. What was the $50,000 of taxpayer money used for? This is why we cannot trust our local government with money."

"If the city had scheduled the air show on a weekend other than Mother’s Day weekend, maybe the ticket sales would have been much higher. Father’s Day weekend might have been a better choice."

"I bet Trump was a bully in high school and also a bully in college."

"If Brandon Salinas hadn't committed two crimes, then he wouldn't have been deported."

"Probation? Really? Probation even for a first-time offender? I mean, that just doesn't seem fair at all. But I guess they do look after on another, don't they?"

"If approval had to be gotten from the voters for a property tax raise, it would do no good. The election would be held on a rainy, cold winter day and it would pass. Look at Murray County. The voted to raise their sales tax to 8%. Is that smart voting?"

"It makes me sad to see that the Democrats run both the House and the Senate, which leads me back to what I've always said. If you have one Democrat in either the House or Senate, they'll run both of them."

"I concur with the reader's opinion that Dwight D. Eisenhower was the last really good president we had. However, in all fairness, Kennedy was pretty good himself. You have to realize, though, it was a different world back then. The media respected a person's privacy. Now, all they think about is selling newspapers and getting sensational stories on TV to get their ratings up."

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