Today's Forum for Feb. 14

"Many thanks to the kind Aldi customer who gave me one of her shopping bags for my overflowing groceries earlier this week. Showing kindness is something we can all do to make the world a better place."

"Kudos to Chick-fil-A for the heart-shaped biscuits. Put a smile on my face when I opened my chicken biscuit Thursday morning!"

"It’s very sad to see our roadsides covered with litter. On Underwood Road Northeast and the Brooker Road shortcut, actual bags of garbage are thrown out and scattered on a regular basis. Is it utter laziness? Or were these people never taught common respect and appreciation for our environment? Such a blight for our community."

"Whitfield County commissioners: Why is there still no audited financial report for 2018? It's 2020! You're responsible for a lot of our money, yet you have allowed this important process to drag on and on. Whatever the problem, you should have corrected it long ago."

"The presumption in many parts of the countries, including this one, is that most households have firearms in them that can be wielded against an intruder. It's a form of deterrence. If you're anti-gun, just put a sign in your yard that proclaims 'This household is proudly gun-free!' Oh, you won't? Exactly what I thought. You're welcome for keeping the peace, though. No biggie."

"If you're clamoring for football, give the XFL a shot this weekend. There are games on Saturday and Sunday. For a startup league, it's not bad — far better than the AAF was."

"The description of Rep. Pelosi listening to Trump’s State of the Union speech made me laugh out loud. What an imagination! I don’t think Trump himself could have written such nonsense. It’s typical Republican criticism of strong female Democrats. Criticize them for being old, criticize their looks, the way they dress, etc. It’s so childish."

"We sure enjoyed Todd Thompson and his dog Eddy on A&E Wednesday night. What an awesome job!"

"Top dog Eddy did a fine job for his partner and his Georgia county, Whitfield. Beautiful dog."

"I’m a UGA fan and I say it’s past time to drop basketball from the school sports program. What a shame."

"Look around! February showers bring flooding!"

"I'm proud of President Trump. He has given us decades-low unemployment, increased wages, GDP up and markets up. Also, slowly securing our southern border. He is not perfect and he punches back at the Democrats' coup attempts."

"If you don't mind working three $10-an-hour jobs then Trump's unemployment record looks good."

"Judging from some of the answers about what would we have without President Trump, it is apparent that many people want a Mary Poppins-like nanny instead of a president."

"About one-half of Thursday's Forum had comments that bad-mouthed Trump. I think that our citizens in this area like Trump and like prosperity. I believe these comments come from present and former government workers and big shots who do not have to depend on good times for having good income."

"The only thing history will record about Nancy Pelosi is that she belongs in a circus and Donald Trump belongs in the same circus with her. When history closes on this chapter of American politics, it will be obvious that they are nothing but caricatures acting out a play."

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