Today's Forum for Feb. 15

"As a season ticket holder and huge fan of Dalton State's basketball program, I was thrilled to read the article on Kingston Frazier and C.J. Perry. Fantastic young men on the court and off. Wishing them both only the best in every aspect of their lives."

"Congrats to Todd and K9 top dog Eddy. Competing and winning in 'America's Top Dog' and wearing Fran Rice’s badge was quite an honor and you made Whitfield County very proud!"

"I want to thank the realty company that brought ice cold drinks and snacks to the Dalton Public Schools educators on Thursday. The teachers were most appreciative of this kind gesture of giving back to the community and especially to the school system."

"Could the Dalton Police Department and Whitfield County and Murray County sheriff's offices report how many citations were issued for littering over the past month?"

"There are so many different activities available to kids in elementary and high schools. Sure wish all the schools would organize a trash pickup club. Kids can encourage their parents to participate in picking up trash in their neighborhoods and at sports events. Maybe this would help stop the littering in this town."

"If you are working three $10-an-hour jobs perhaps you should refine your skill set or should look at your spending habits. Maybe even be pleased there are three $10-an-hour jobs available."

"Three $10-an-hour jobs add up to $30 per hour. You must be a go-getter. Either you never sleep, or you are lying."

"Yes, I would happily work three or even four $10-an-hour part-time jobs if that's what it took to stand on my own two feet. I can think of a recent president when you couldn't even find one part-time job. Bet you can, too."

"With all of this rain, it’s almost impossible to drain the swamp."

"Mary Poppins for president and I approve this message!"

"Best thing I've heard all day: If Donald Trump were actually guilty (and he's not!) of all the things he's been accused of, he could almost qualify as a Democrat!"

"Someone needs glasses. To say that all of the comments about Pelosi's movements and actions were just peoples' imagination? Now that's something to make people laugh out loud."

"The person that called in and gave their list of things they would have if they didn't have Trump — honesty, integrity, etc. — they're never going to get that from a politician. Are they in left field somewhere?"

"So Dick Polman thinks that black voters are joining together to defeat a detestably racist president. In other words, President Trump. I hate to tell Mr. Polman that Trump has done more in three years for the black population than the Democrats have done in the last 50 years."

"To the person that wants peace of mind without Trump, I suggest Venezuela. I hear it's lovely this time of year."

"I'm a Republican, but Mike Bloomberg has a lot of appeal to me for our next president."

"Mike Bloomberg is not just a presidential candidate, he's going to be our country's savior."

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