Today's Forum for Feb. 1

"Please name me one government building in Dalton or Whitfield County that has lasted 100 years."

"Great to see and read all the good news about our roads, bridges, culverts and drainage ditches! I wonder if an election in May and November have any bearing on this timely work being performed?"

"The Dalton air show scheduled for May has been cancelled due to low advance ticket sales. Last October, Dalton's mayor and council agreed to pay $50,000 to the promoter even though Rome, which has hosted successful air shows for years, declined a May schedule citing attendance concerns. Rome's show will be in October. Yet another big chunk of change down the drain."

"I’m surprised that Trump didn’t say that he didn’t know John Bolton."

''So McConnell and Graham are at least honest. Yeah, right. And I'm the pope.''

"To those that don't think Biden, et al., are corrupt crooks. Is that your bias, denial or delusion thinking and speaking?"

"I agree that we do not need a $2 million driver's license building. Driving in Whitfield County is proof that it is only a fee collection center. Our hopefully licensed drivers don't know the rules of the road and can't drive a lick. Just collect the fees online and mail the unqualified driver's license. Millions, probably billions, of dollars will be saved!"

"I want to know the truth about what the president did, and I think that most Americans also want to know. I don't care about how long it takes. I can't believe that people we elect don't want us to know what happened."

"To the commenter who wants government buildings that will last 100 years: We're in the midst of a technological revolution. Robotics. Artificial intelligence. Self-driving cars. More computing power in an iPhone than was available for the Apollo moonshot. Virtual reality. Nobody knows what offices 20, 30, 40 years hence will or should look like."

"I was born and raised in a Democrat family and after becoming an adult have voted for several Democrats for president. After watching the recent Democratic Party hypocrisy and extreme partisan behavior exhibited by Schiff, Pelosi and Schumer has steadfastly convinced me to never ever consider voting for a Democrat again."

"If you believe Biden and his son is innocent, you are blind and ignorant."

"Why is jobs training for the middle class a bad thing?"

"If people continue to support Trump, there won't be any government to support at all."

"It is now time for our flag to be flown upside down over the United States Senate. It is truly in dire distress!"

"I know the exact reason why people work in Dalton and don't live here. They have good jobs down here but nobody wants to live and raise their children in such a nasty town. This town is filthy. Junk all over the place just piled up in their yards. Someone needs to do something about this problem."

"Wendy's hit a home run 30 years ago with the saying 'Where's the beef?' Now I want to ask Burger King, why should I pay beef prices for grass?"

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