Today's Forum for Feb. 13

"In the same day, hours apart, Barr's Department of Justice attacked liberal prosecutors for being too lenient and then wrote an emergency memo attacking its own guidelines for being too harsh on convicted criminal Roger Stone."

"Your wanting all good news amounts to giving everyone a trophy. It’s not good to point out the good and ignore the bad."

''What would I get without Trump? Well for beginners, I would get peace of mind knowing that he was not there anymore.''

"With all the heavy rains the trash is more visible. The creeks and ditches are overflowing which have revealed how bad the trash is, especially Foster Road from Highway 41 to Dug Gap Road. How does this happen? What are these people thinking when they throw their trash out of their vehicles? Have you no pride?"

"I don’t understand people who litter. They leave home or work (where there is a trash can), go where they’re going (where there’s a trash can) and choose to throw trash out along the way. Y’all are pitiful."

"This may surprise some people. But considering I am not a Democrat or Republican. If the Republican Party could provide a nonviolent and decent human being for candidate for president I would vote for them. But to prove my point of a corrupt party I can't vote for a person that so many states have refused to let anyone run against Trump. So I will vote for the Democratic nominee."

"There will be an official document stating Donald Trump's impeachment, acquittal, date, etc. It will be the official record of the event. There will not be a place for comment on it."

"Romney should definitely run for president again. He should run as a Democrat . He will be sure to throw the election to President Trump like he did to Obama in 2012 because of his wishy-washy 'honorable' mannerisms which make terrible companions with politics."

"Responding to the Forum comment that Nancy Pelosi was upset because she had to sit behind and listen to President Trump while he lied about her for two hours. I only remember him talking about our record low unemployment, solving and improving unfair foreign trade agreements and new everyday record highs with the stock markets. I don’t remember him ever mentioning her or descending himself down to the Pelosi level of things."

"I want to thank the honest person at the Bradley Wellness Center for finding my wallet and turning it in. I appreciate your honesty. Thank you."

"Boy! This one is easy! A Forum caller has asked Trump haters what do we think we would get if we didn’t have Trump. How about, honesty, integrity, compassion, loyalty, role model, intelligent, noble, polite, affable, considerate, sympathetic, understanding, diplomatic, efficient, self-disciplined, intuitive, dependable, non-judgmental and a true American?"

"What would we get if we didn't have Trump? An adult."

"They say April showers bring May flowers, so what do February showers bring?"

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