Today's Forum for Feb. 5

"Thirty minutes up the road, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum has a yard full of historic train cars, with floors. They also have operational steam and diesel locomotives, two dedicated passenger depots and over a dozen ride options — one through a Civil War-era tunnel. Did anyone take this into consideration when they decided to sink an unknown amount of taxpayers’ money into one stationary, dilapidated train car?"

"I will never be able to square people's contempt for teachers, their belief that educators should work for free, and their desire to have every child graduate high school a Nobel laureate. The level of cognitive dissonance is staggering."

"Most teachers admit that they have little to do with test scores, so what’s the $5,000 pay raise for?

"I don't see what all of the fuss was over the Super Bowl halftime show. I thought it was entertaining."

"Kids today mimic what they see. The halftime show was very inappropriate for the younger generation. Pole dancing? It was more than a prop! Parents need to ban together to change what their children are wearing, listening to and watching. This younger generation expects respect but doesn’t want to act and dress to get respect. From sports attire, swimsuits and gym clothes to leisure attire for girls and women has become very provocative. Look up the definition. It’s an accurate description of our younger generation. Body parts hanging out has gotten out of control and coaches and parents need to stop it."

"I’ll trade. Trump can keep his salary if he stops having the taxpayers pay for all those trips to his own property."

"The Democrats are and always have been the party of the working people. They are the party with a 'heart.' Democrats don't look down on the masses like the silk stocking Republicans do."

"It is true a socialist country owns businesses in that country. They become socialist by declaring the business corrupt, then taking their money. Then they take the business. We have a number of politicians who want to do just that."

"The left lane is for passing. If you are cruising in it, you are wrong and need to retake your driving test."

"For those of you who don't know, the left lane on the interstate is for driving 90 mph and endangering the lives of countless people. Sarcasm intended."

"Someone stole a vacuum cleaner? Man, criminals suck."

"Can we finally acknowledge that Iowa doesn't matter?"

"I want to thank the person behind me in the liquor store last Saturday for paying for my whiskey."

"I don't always agree with John Stossel, but his column in Saturday's paper about freebies for everyone by the Democrats hit the spot right on. Every single thing in there makes your head spin. I'm telling you, Democrats don't care whose money they are spending as long as it isn't their own."

"I read John Stossel's column titled 'Freebies for everyone.' I'm not for freebies for everyone, but at least the Democrats are for the working people and the poor."

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