Today's Forum for Feb. 11

"Congratulations to the Dalton High boys swimming and diving on their state championship! Way to go boys!"

''Donald Trump cannot stand and speak without stumbling over words and double talking, yet he mocks and makes fun of others for doing the same.''

"To you folks lauding Nancy Pelosi for tearing up the president's State of the Union speech for not shaking her hand. Ms. Pelosi fired the first shot when she introduced the president. She omitted the words honor and privilege. The traditional introduction is a distinct honor and high privilege. I am proud that our accomplished president punches back."

"I would like to thank Shawn Giles for being exactly what a cop should be. Cops who are only interested in making money for the city or county through fines and citations should look to Shawn Giles as an example!"

"Don't sell Mitt Romney's reelection short. Utahans love him, and most of his constituents share his faith."

"I can't speak for all Democrats, but I think a lot think the same as I do. I don't care what his party, it's who he is. He doesn't belong in the White House. He takes credit for what others have done. I feel so ashamed of him and I would feel the same way if it was a Democrat."

"Nancy Pelosi looked like a malfunctioning Stepford wife as she sat behind President Trump during his State of the Union address last week. Her lower face twitched, she muttered to herself, shook her head, smiled inappropriately, gazed around, chewed her lip and remained glued to her seat during standing ovations in honor of special guests and in a bizarre way rose to her feet and dramatically ripped up her copy of the president’s speech. As the leader of the Democrats, until they select a presidential candidate, Pelosi is everything that is wrong with the party."

"There is so much wrong with this world. I want to start hearing what's right with this world. I encourage all of your Forum people to call in, write in, email in and tell us the good things in the world. A little positivity could go a long way to making all of our lives better and this world a better place."

"I see where pitchers and catchers are reporting to spring training. That's great. I can't wait to see the Atlanta Braves let us all down again. How many days until college football season kicks off?"

"I agree. The small cities in Whitfield County benefit greatly from the SPLOST money. There are so many needed projects that can be accomplished. I wish those small cities could put up SPLOST votes on their own instead of being tied in with Dalton and Whitfield County, who voters are rapidly losing trust in."

"Not sure what I find more entertaining in the Forum, The Great Biscuit Debate of 2019 or The Great Daylight Savings Time Debate of 2020."

"This weather we've had lately is all turned around. One day it's spring, the next day it's a flood, the next day it's winter. I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind!"

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