Today's Forum for Jan. 31

"Why should the county government be in the business of making a landlord rich? We should have government buildings we are proud of, that will last us another hundred years."

"So 75% of Dalton fire calls are medical calls. What does the county's data show? The city and county have a mutual aid agreement. There has to be a more efficient and less expensive way to provide adequate fire protection and EMT services. Has anybody looked into this?"

"What's with the secretive response by the Northwest Georgia Healthcare Partnership chairman? The Executive Committee membership should not be a secret, but apparently even board members don't know the entire Executive Committee membership. That's troubling."

"Low test scores are another good reason for school choice. Perhaps there would be more motivation to get the job done if there was competition like there is in the real world."

"So the Second Amendment isn’t going away. I want my county commissioners actually concentrating their efforts on things that matter, under their jurisdiction if you will."

"People are in the fast lane going slow because they're oblivious that there are other people in the world."

"$2 million for a driver’s license building when you're calling for cuts in most all government departments is insane. It’s insane anyways! What a waste."

"Impeachment is a political matter. It is conducted by partisans. In the most partisan place we have. The U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives. We voted for them to be partisan to our point of view. And they are. So, the notion that impeachment is a trial is silly. And itself a political statement. McConnell and Graham are at least honest."

"With the failure of the 'Clinton Global Initiative,' and not one Democratic nominee seeking her endorsement, a failed book and her previous two failed presidential bids, Hillary Clinton now states that she certainly has the addiction and urge to run for president again, even though she just keeps losing and failing with all of her other ventures."

"I believe if you check, the vice president is considered to be an elected official as he and the president run as a team. To the best I can find, that is the only member of the president's team he cannot just fire. Hopefully, the fine Mr. Editor will make this one clear for us."

Editor's note: Yes, the vice president is indeed elected.

"I often wonder if the people who honestly believe Joe Biden was doing something wrong are the victims of propaganda, or just willfully ignorant."

"Of all the lopsided, liberal bull published in the paper, Thursday's 'Our View' takes the prize. I don't guess you remember much about the way the trial has gone or all trials go in that you have the phase of gathering info and submitting/defending your case to the jury where you call witnesses, and that part is over now, it is submitted to the jury and that is where we are now. There is so many other common sense arguments against your insane position I couldn't list them all, but I will list one: We the people don't want to hear anymore of the bull."

"I am proud of my hometown newspaper for taking the editorial stand for justice. Witnesses and evidence that was not available as evidenced by the charge of obstruction of Congress should be subpoenaed again."

"The problem with college is that we've taken a system designed for the sons of wealthy people to socialize and made it into a jobs training program for the middle class."

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