Today's Forum for Jan. 5

"And now a madman leads us into war."

"Trump can't be bothered to leave the golf course to address the nation after ordering an assassination. Some leadership."

"President Trump doesn't need to start a war with Iran in order to be reelected. He will most likely be reelected on his own merit."

"It's time to start the military draft up again. Let's see how many Americans are willing to go over to the Middle East and fight in another regime change war led this time by President Trump."

"To those who think it's impossible that God placed Trump in his position, you have forgotten the power and purpose of God. Think back through your Bible the various people that God placed in position of power. Good or bad people, they served his purpose. I had a very bad preacher placed in my church once. We thought he would ruin our church. Our church came together and created a stronger church. Perhaps Mr. Trump is being used to unite the people of America to come together to create a stronger nation!"

"There's a petition going around for Whitfield County to become a Second Amendment sanctuary that has a significant amount of signatures. Maybe it's time for Georgia to get involved in the movement. I wonder what the commissioners think about it."

"Isn't it ironic that the Varnell Police are out in force to ensure safety, yet they sit in a dark SUV right near the edge of the road with all lights completely off. Seems like a safety hazard to me."

"Instead of the push to further expand Medicaid (taxpayer-funded health care) why not initiate a job/skills training initiative? It has become too easy for individuals to depend on a government, taxpayer-funded resource. Also, a person appreciates something more if it is earned."

"Forum readers need to stop picking on Polman. How else could I enjoy a third cup of coffee?"

"I just wonder how many people out there like me are starting to hate college football. What other sport that you know of that you can lose half of your games and still go to a bowl game? We're rewarding them for losing. Pitiful. I think there's a Toilet Bowl for the worst team. There used to be just a couple of bowl games. What happened? Who started this trend? It's ridiculous. Take college football plum off the TV."

"I got my new phonebook today and I thought they couldn't make them any smaller but they managed to do it. They should provide magnifying glasses with them."

"I was wondering why the city and the county don't have roadblocks any more. There are hundreds of people out there driving without a license or insurance and I think they should enforce it."

"I saw the Sasquatch in Tunnel Hill, too. He was looking for an Olive Garden restaurant."

"I think all of you Trump haters need to get on your donkey and ride out of town because the elephants are taking over."

"Can they not paint the intersection of Gillum and Fleming so people won't block the intersection? One small sign, 24 inches by 34 inches, is not sufficient to keep the intersection from getting blocked up. Come on, road department. Paint the street, put down some markings, spend a little bit of money."

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