Today's Forum for Jan. 14

"No more gun control laws! Carrying firearms in churches used to be against the law in Georgia. Imagine if that was the case in West Freeway Church in Texas. The ability for people to defend themselves saves lives — no new gun laws."

"Experienced mediators know that confidentiality is very important to a productive mediation. The fact that government entities involved doesn't change that. This paper's insistence on a public mediation is misguided."

"Don’t be a hater! Good luck Jake Fromm, I wish you all the best and hope you have a great career in the NFL, and do even better in the real world."

"Consolidation of city and county governments certainly can save money if there is duplication and geographical overlap of services. Macon and Bibb County consolidated about five years ago. They committed to a 5% cost reduction in each of the first four years. They achieved a 20% reduction in three years. Sounds awfully good to this taxpayer."

"To the Forum commenter saying city residents need to count their blessings because county sheriff response to an alarm took 16 minutes. I live in the city, but fail to understand why our police department spends millions more each year than departments in similar cities. Seems the majority of arrests listed in the paper are for probation violations or for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana."

"It takes 16 minutes for the sheriff’s office to send help. This is why we need guns to defend ourselves. By the time the law gets to a home invasion, all they need is a stick of chalk to outline the bodies."

"City workers got a cost of living raise and this has you upset? Maybe if you aren't getting one, you should be angry at your boss instead."

"As far as I can tell Dickson Acres already backs up to commercial property and adding a parking lot wouldn't really change anything. If anything, we should be connecting roads to the cul-de-sacs to help with traffic flow in that area."

"Bilking: When you hold a 'special' election to diminish the voter turnout in order to pass a tax increase that the majority would not vote for."

"Not sure if bilking is the right word for the SPLOST scam, but they’re so full of wasteful pork that they give pork barrel politics a bad name."

"Democratic congressional leaders who were ruthless in their criticism of President Trump for the escalation with Iran over the past two weeks largely have gone silent now that the protests on the streets of Tehran and beyond have turned their rage toward the regime — and not the Trump White House."

"The news media comes down on the side of Soleimani and you don't think they're biased?"

"The hypocrisy of the mainstream media boggles my mind. If Barack Obama had ordered this drone strike on this general from Iran, the media would be slobbering all over him. But since Trump did it, oh, can't have that."

"The Hollywood crowd apologize to Iran because he was assassinated. The Hollywood crowd does not like Trump. They can't stand him."

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