Today's Forum for Jan. 13

"Ever since Trump got elected he has exhibited unpresidential and even possibly impeachable behavior. That’s why people have been clamoring for his removal from office. Republicans weren’t 'steadfast' on getting Obama impeached because his terms were scandal-free. Almost the same as Friday’s post, but with details."

"Thank you, Georgia legislators, for protecting us adults from the evils of the recreational use of marijuana. Now, who is going to protect us from you?"

"To the comment on loud music, are you not aware that we have different laws for the east side of the town and the west side of town? You drive down Valley Drive and you see no cars on the street. Go down Northview, Stillwood or any of the streets on the east side and count your cars plus your loud music."

"Anyone notice how there are no speed humps on the east side of town, only on the west side? And how Underwood Street can't have golf carts but Windemere can? Do we have anyone on the City Council that represents us?"

"I saw three panhandlers, all with working ability, within 100 yards of the Walmart. What is wrong with this town? We have got to stop this."

"I agree. I think it does look very tacky to have grass blown over into the streets. However, it's not just the landscapers that come around to your house. I have seen the county and the city mowing on the edge of the road with the grass blowing on the street. I've always thought it looked bad and neighbors do it, but the city and county are doing it as well. They need to turn their mower the other way, put something on it to scoop it up. It doesn't need to go on the street."

"I wasn't aware until I started reading the Daily Citizen-News that we had so many local people that are experts in motor vehicle laws, which is strange when you consider that a lot of these people probably haven't driven or had a license in any state except Georgia."

"I saw the article on the front page of the paper on Jan. 7 about trying to organize the union. I was one of the workers that worked around when that happened, but we got shafted by the company."

"I read your article about how West did not win. Mr. Millican, it was the South that did not win. I've seen major companies in this town fire people because they've been working there over 30 years. Six supervisors at one time because of their long employment. I saw major companies fire people for no reason at all because they had been there for over 25 and 30 years. Yes, it's the South's loss."

"Did we talk this much on TV about the shutdown when Obama did it?"

"Trump promised the taxpayers Mexico would pay for the wall. So what's the holdup with Mexico paying? Or is this just another lie that Trump threw down?"

"The conservative politicians for years have been complaining that we've got to have a balanced budget. And all of the sudden they're all for spending $5 billion for a wall, money that the United States government does not have. How can we justify it?"

"The Saban dynasty has crumbled."

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