Today's Forum for Jan. 9

"The Daily Citizen-News front page artist's rendering of what the new recreation center might look like omitted what many will see. That omission is an oversized sign, with eye-catching lines and lots of glass, that flashes 'Waste' in bright, bold letters. While adequate recreational facilities are a need, frugal spending of taxpayers' money remains the responsibility of elected officials. SPLOST-sourced dollars — like all tax dollars — should go for functional needs only, not wants of officeholders to erect a monument to their reign."

"I hope we can eventually learn how much it cost to settle the service delivery agreement. Even more, I would like to know who is responsible for this debacle and hopefully they will be voted out of office. I do believe, though, that the Dalton City Council has forgotten that Dalton is part of Whitfield County and needs to work better with commissioners. We need to stop this us vs. them mentality."

"Ah, 'political correctness.' The whine of someone who wants to be rude to people without suffering any penalty for it."

"There is an important difference between a repentant sinner and a man who wouldn't apologize and seek forgiveness if his life depended on it."

"There must have been a lightning strike from heaven for this comment: 'The county operates on a bare bones budget and it shows.' Really? You must be a commissioner, one of their moms or just don’t have a clue."

"I never thought we'd go to war for a reason as stupid as 'The current president is still jealous of the last president.'"

"Attention, Republican voters. Gas prices are going sky high only because of Trump's murder of the Iranian general."

"Jim Zachary's column 'First Amendment specifically protects press freedom,' it doesn't protect them from lying. They need responsibility. They don't have the right to lie on people."

"It's amazing how the Dems in the Forum eat, sleep and breathe every word from the airheads on TV."

"Dick Polman needs to move to Iran for a few years so he will appreciate what he has here."

"Our county commissioners can't take no for an answer on this SPLOST so they're going to put it on the ballot again, again and again until they get it passed. Enough is enough. It's time we voted these commissioners out of office and get some people in who can run this county off of what they take off of property taxes."

"When they start the military draft again, I guess they'll be drafting your daughters along with your sons since it's now an equal opportunity, equal pay, equal work military. I'd be curious to see this happen."

"I can understand now why the Democratic Party chose a donkey to be their symbol of politicians."

"To the person that said President Trump had no shred of decency, making him the subject of hate-filled rhetoric, it's the ones with the hate-filled rhetoric that have no shred of decency."

"President Trump could literally kill the devil and some of y'all would be like 'Satan wasn't that bad.'"

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