Today's Forum for Jan. 8

"The petition for Whitfield County to become a Second Amendment sanctuary or 'Gun Sanctuary' has gotten over 1,000 signatures in under a month. This is a good thing for gun owners in the county and Georgia for that matter. Maybe more counties will catch on."

''Trump is the best president we have ever had, really.''

"Beware of people that make public statements like 'God is on our side.' Assuredly not."

"To the Forum poster that said there are no written codes on being a good husband, please check out Good Housekeeping 'Good Husband Codes.'"

"The Jets' record is 7-9. Were you bragging or complaining about Hines Ward?"

Editor's note: Neither. Just providing information.

"A traffic circle at Dug Gap and Walnut, that would be a disaster."

"I have been to see my last movie at the theaters. I refuse to keep making these so-called celebrities rich while they run off their liberal mouths about this country. If they don't like it why don't they leave?"

"What a shock, after all his railing against the 'coastal elites,' to find out that Michael Reagan lives in California."

"If the only people that could serve as president fit the moral profile that some ascribe to, we would miss out on all the previous presidents. Presidents are human and subject to sin, just as those that judge him as a sinner."

"A merger of city and county governments would be disastrous for city taxpayers. The county operates on a bare bones budget and it shows. It will be the city residents that suffer. You get what you pay for."

"I was invited to a Trump supporter function, but I had to decline the invite. I told them I was too well to attend."

"A few years ago, the liberals among us started an entirely new kind of journalism in this country and it was called the ‘speech police’ and then later on they also added something else called ‘political correctness.’ This is fairly simple to define as you just keep your mouth shut, even if you have something truthful to say, because they really don’t care about truth anymore."

"I'm nearly 75 years old and have voted in nearly every presidential election since I was old enough to vote. I have voted Democrat and Republican. I also voted for Trump in the last election and probably will vote for him again if he runs because this bunch of Democrats don't know how to do their job. All they do is go after Trump. We need to vote them out and get some people in there that will do the job they're voted in for."

"Listening to the mainstream media and the Democrats, you would think this Iranian general was Mother Teresa. He was responsible for hundreds of U.S. deaths and who knows how many thousands of deaths of his own people."

"If you have a complaint with a medical doctor, who do you file a grievance with?"

"I could not believe that President Trump threatened to hit cultural sites in Iran. This is what ISIS did in several places. If we do this, then we're no better than ISIS. There are probably some biblical sites in there because this is close to where Paul went to preach. I wish we would settle this and get Trump out."

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