Today's Forum for Jan. 11

"Thank you to the guy in the drive-thru who paid for my meal Thursday evening at Steak 'n Shake. He was driving a black Dodge Challenger. I was having a bad day and it was very much appreciated. May God bless you for your generosity!"

"To the nice gentleman who took care of our meal at Outback last night, I really appreciate you. Thank you for your act of kindness and we will definitely pay it forward!"

"So Anish Govan waited until the very last minute to pull his rezoning request from the City Council's agenda Monday night. The planning commission had unanimously recommended denying the request. The neighborhood's covenant is protected by Georgia case law. Anyone who thinks a commercial incursion — with free breadsticks as the carrot — into a beautiful, well-kept neighborhood will help our community attract the 62% who make $40,000 or more who work here but choose not to live here needs to think more deeply."

"All of The Forum Trump naysayers who keep constantly criticizing and whining about how everything is just not right, obviously just go home each day and completely withdraw from what’s happening in the world and are apparently just uninformed. The U.S. is experiencing historically low unemployment rates, the stock market indexes are reaching historically new highs each day and the U.S. is now totally energy independent from the rest of the world. I am here to inform you that there seems to be a tremendous amount of every day good news occurring in our world."

"By law SPLOST money must be spent on designated projects."

"SPLOST is a tax the voters chose to impose on themselves, voluntarily. There is no bilking involved, period."

"Even some of the Republican senators said the briefing on the attack on Gen. Soleimani was the worst they had seen. Another Trump bad decision. Worst president ever."

"I appreciate the importance of the U.S. census. I do not appreciate the fact that total numbers designate federal funds allocated to the states and congressional representation as this would include illegal aliens. There are several sanctuary states and I don't agree with federal funds supporting anyone who enters the USA illegally, nor should they have congressional representation."

"I was stunned by the flagrant, intellectual braggadocio of the person who said that anyone who thought President Trump was 'the best president we’ve ever had' wouldn’t be able to name 20 of our 45 presidents. I suggest the same could be said of American voters in general, regardless of their politics."

"The only way you could believe Trump is a tiger is if you've never been in the jungle."

"Do we really even need government buildings? Couldn't our city employees just huddle under blue tarps and use burning trash cans for heat? Think of the savings!"

"An American woman can marry a literal prince and still find something to complain about."

"I am tired of hearing about 'Megxit.' Harry and his duchess are typical examples of Eurotrash. In the queen's favor, she is a symbol of unity and has held Great Britain together for several years."

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