Today's Forum for Jan. 16

"The article in the Tuesday paper about the governor's anti-trafficking program did not include a website for the online training program. Is that available for publication?"

Editor's note: Yes. You can access the training video at

"I wonder if Mr. Trump understands that the protests against the dictator in Iran are not because of anything Mr. Trump did, but because the dictator lied to his people? I wonder if it has occurred to Mr. Trump that lying to the people governed is not a good idea anywhere in the world."

"City taxpayers are in for a rude awakening if they don’t voice their opinions concerning consolidating services. Right now you are receiving services that are above and beyond. If Mayor Pennington gets his way everyone will receive the mediocre services that are in the rest of the county, not to mention no garbage and rubbish pickup. But, the mayor is smarter than everyone else and he knows better what you want than you do."

"So there’s evidence to add to Trump’s impeachment trial. The truth is that his impeachment is like a dart board; you may not get a bull’s-eye but pretty much anywhere on the board will yield something. Why? Because he doesn’t think that anything should get in the way of what he wants."

"As an avid UGA fan, I’m getting kinda tired of looking forward to next year."

"I and the majority of taxpayers don’t have the ear of the SPLOST tax gods, so our request for common sense projects are usually never heard. It seems that only the recreation, fire and police reps have a pipeline to the SPLOST gurus."

"The SPLOST list is made up of things constituents have asked for? How many constituents asked for $2.35 million for new patrol cars and a property and evidence building for the Dalton Police Department?"

"Look, having guns in my home stops my problems. Your problem is that me having guns doesn't stop your problems. Well, that is your problem, not mine. Get yourself a gun."

"Responding to David Bean’s recent letter which encompassed everything from Trump hating, intelligence, Fox News poison and just about the whole ball of wax excluding the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. One thing he fails to mention, though, is how the liberal Democrat Party is so well versed in just making things up and how they continue trying to either out-hate or out-race bait everyone who disagrees with them, and also their trying to put an end to our robust free market economy and impede any individual incentives that one may have to succeed."

"I think when you have worked for a company several years, and you have a family emergency, and you are denied a vacation day, due to short notice (which can't be helped ), it is a sad day. Shows how little they care, but this is just my opinion."

"Can anyone in Forum Land name a politician that has integrity, is ethical and never lies to the voting public?"

"Who is the Hollywood crowd, anyway? Hollywood made over $10 billion last year selling movies to the American public, so it's pretty clear quite a few Americans agree with them."

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