Today's Forum for Jan. 10

"I just love when someone calls or writes in stating 'Donald Trump is the best president we've ever had.' Two points. No, he's not. And I'd bet c-notes to doughnuts that the person believing this can't name 20 of our 45 presidents."

"SPLOST tax dollars are spent like it’s free money by our local government."

"I’m trying to express my anger over yet another ridiculous train expense and lack of oversight of it, without using any cuss words."

"Well, all you Jake Fromm haters have gotten your wish and he is gone, gone, gone. Methinks the 2020 season will prove the axiom 'Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.'"

"So you want to know who is responsible for all the local and national political angst and boondoggles? Please look in the mirror. If you voted for those in office or if you didn't vote at all, there lies the fault. We, you, I and ourselves are the cause and root of these inept, spendthrift, argumentative and narcissistic governments. It is a small risk in getting a new blood infusion in local politics. What have you got to lose? Investigate the candidate, then vote."

"I don't understand the logic of the quote about the current president jealous of a former president so he starts a war. Why should a tiger be jealous of an alley cat?"

"The Dalton City Council and Whitfield County commissioners often seem to operate as union stewards for city and county employees respectively versus working for what is in the best interests of all taxpayers. The service delivery agreement negotiations provide a real opportunity for elected officials to show leadership by being willing to reduce duplication of services. The city and county fire department overlaps are an excellent example of each doing their own thing over the years and costing taxpayers a bundle. Let your voice be heard or our property taxes will just keep rising."

"After reading about the British queen, who is reportedly disappointed with the sudden announcement from Harry and Meghan that they are going to step back from their position as senior royals, makes me feel so thankful that our founders decided that we didn’t need any kind of meaningless or futile royalty. I’m also wondering if they might change their mind if the old lady stops their daily monetary allowance."

"The paper would be well served to get rid of editorial content and simply report the news. Clearly, many of your readers cannot distinguish between the two."

"I can certainly tell that it is a county commissioner and a SPLOST election year. I've seen more county public works vehicles and workers today than I've seen in the prior six months combined."

"In the sad but true column. We must table our SPLOST proposal for the time being! Delaying the current proposal will keep it out of the May primary election in order for us to have a special election! This will help us suppress voter turnout in order to get the SPLOST passed and will enable us to bilk the taxpayer out of many more millions. So say our elected officials and SPLOST supporters."

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