Today's Forum for Jan. 15

"Is the Senate going to let a criminal get away with an obvious crime?"

"If county voters want to pay city taxes for city services, I'm all for consolidation. If city voters want to pay county taxes for county services, move to the county."

"By every metric, a gun in the home makes you less safe. Believing otherwise is a fantasy."

''Right now everything is looking good for Georgia Bulldog football next year. A lot of good players coming.''

"When falling in the bank parking lot one day last week, many of God's angels helped me on site, in the ER and at home. A huge thank you to all the bank customers and employees, first responders and ER staff at Hamilton Medical Center. All of them went above and beyond to help me in my distress. I appreciate all the assistance given me."

"The Democrats' impeachment attempts and outrage over the killing of an Iranian terrorist is nothing more than their continued attempt to win the 2016 election."

"Overstaying your visa makes you an 'illegal immigrant' in the same way that breaking the speed limit once makes you an 'illegal driver.' People aren't illegal."

"I agree with the reader who said that the media would be slobbering all over Obama if he had ordered the assassination of Soleimani. Realistically, Obama would have been in the family quarters of the White House, Hawaii or Martha's Vineyard dining on broccoli or arugula."

"You can tell that the media is tired of Nancy Pelosi's gibberish when they have unflattering camera angles of her."

"The Hollywood crowd is not the only crowd that does not like Mr. Trump. The majority of U.S. citizens who voted did not vote for Mr. Trump and that crowd has gotten bigger. If you like Mr. Trump you are in the minority of U.S. citizens."

"So the GOP wants to cut taxes on millionaires and make up for it with a sales tax paid mostly by ordinary folks? Seems on brand."

"It's an open secret that no GOP politician will ever do anything about undocumented immigrants. They may pander to the base to get their votes, but the business owners who sign the big donation checks depend on immigrant labor. At least the Democrats are honest about wanting to legalize and tax it."

"If my preacher's pulpit isn't surrounded by sandbags with a sniper's nest up in the choir loft, how can I possibly worship the prince of peace?"

"The SPLOST list is made up of things constituents have asked for. Blaming politicians for it is like blaming the mailman because you don't like getting bills."

"Yes, I'm perturbed about city workers getting a raise funded by the taxpayers for doing nothing more than working for the city."

"I'm just wondering who or where in this vast medical community of Dalton can you make a complaint. There's a practice that does not return calls or requests for appointments for three to four weeks. It is impossible to reach them by phone. I feel if a medical practice can't service their patients, some long-term which I am, it's time for them to close their doors."

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