Today's Forum for Jan. 12

"The picture of Coahulla Creek High School's Kenley Woods that Matt Hamilton made was amazing! I hope he wins a prize."

"What is a Second Amendment sanctuary? Does that mean I can keep my gun no matter who I threaten to kill or if I beat my wife and kids?"

"The people pushing Second Amendment sanctuaries are trying to gussy up breaking the law because they don't like it."

"Red flag laws save lives. Period."

"God does not tolerate evils such as lying, stealing, cheating adultery and so on. God gave humans free will and humans tolerate evils but must live with the consequences."

"Who is in charge of running background checks on coaches for the county? I've helped coach teams for years and have never been asked to complete a background check."

"No, the U.S. is not totally energy independent. This is a myth spread by an uneducated White House. Yes, we are exporting a lot more oil than we import — shale oil which we do not refine here. We have to import heavy oil to run refineries and supply our needs — still a million barrels of oil per day. Oil is traded globally, so even if we imported nothing, our consumer cost would still be reflected by the world market. Our energy dependence on the global market is driven by our consumption, not our net exports."

"The bilking of the SPLOST tax is that they’re full of wasteful projects that we cannot delete. It works like congressional budgets that are loaded with ridiculous, wasteful projects and one or two good ones. We need a line item vote to see what the citizens really want to pay for."

"I would hardly compare your current buildings to tents heated with burn barrels. I would suggest that you try working in the real world so you can appreciate the gravy train job that you have."

"We need more pedestrian crossings on Thornton!"

"Mayor Pennington should know that by Georgia law, the negotiations between the city and county cannot be public. Doesn't the city have a lawyer to explain these things?"

"The perfect place for an Olive Garden in town would be down by what remains of the outlet mall. There is plenty of building and parking space since they razed a wing of it. The neighborhood behind O'Charley's is justified in fending off incursions into it."

"A town without an Olive Garden is a town without a soul."

"I'd like to leave a comment about someone at Parker's Restaurant that paid for my husband and mine's breakfast. It was done on Jan. 6. I'd just like to say thank you and God bless you."

"Mayor Pennington has been in office almost a week and he has not shut down the police department. All of you people who think the sky is falling can relax."

"More troops to the Middle East? Donald, I thought you were bringing our troops home. Another distraction technique by the most inept president I've ever seen."

"Pay close attention to who gets upset when a terrorist leader gets killed."

"We have a dictator that says the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence don't apply to him."

"To the person who said there isn't a code of conduct written anywhere for the president, you are wrong. The Bible has a code of conduct for everybody. It says love your enemies, treat your neighbor as yourself, don't judge anybody, don't be a busybody in other people's affairs. I could go on and on. You're wrong, the Bible has a code of conduct for everybody."

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