Today's Forum for Jan. 7

"God tolerates evils such as lying, stealing, cheating, adultery, fornication, murdering, abuse, rape and so on. He tolerates Trump being the president in this evil system. That doesn't mean he condones it or justifies it or promotes it. All this will end when he is no longer willing to allow it and the time is right for him to put the just, caring and righteous and rightful ruler and the real president in place, Jesus Christ. He is too wise to put an unrighteous, morally unfit man like Trump as the president."

"I believe the Dalton Fire Department is one of the best in the state. Professional, motivated, hard working, and their training is intense and realistic. City taxpayers should really count their blessings these men and women are top-notch."

"Hines Ward was a good player, but I trust Kirby Smart to make a decision as to if he can coach. Ray Goff also was a good player at UGA, but how did that work out?"

Editor's note: Ward is currently an offensive assistant coach with the NFL's New York Jets.

"Well, that is one way to distract from the impeachment hearing."

"Walter Williams' column 'Colleges dupe parents and taxpayers' was very telling and is lockstep with the Democratic National Committee talking points. They push identity politics, social inequality and income inequality."

"The same people who balk at the cost of health care and education seem to think bombs and tanks are free."

"God helps those who help themselves. Vote Democrat in 2020!"

"Kyle Wingfield went to the Kansas school of Republican tax problems. Despite Gov. Deal’s warning, Republicans cut the top tax bracket. Bad luck? No, greed led Republicans to disregard reality. Trump did nothing for Georgia: disaster relief or tax revenue."

"How is conducting the people’s business in front of the people 'grandstanding'?"

"A few years ago there were not many school bus wrecks, one bad one from then and then there were several more. The same with airplanes, it used to be every now and then that one would crash and now there have been a lot of them. I hope this with the church is not one of those things that goes on and on, but Satan will try anything he can to scare people away from church."

"It's time for a traffic circle at Dug Gap and Walnut. Rush hour is out of hand."

"It's weird that nobody campaigns on 'Cut taxes till the city shudders to a halt, then merge it with the county, cut all services and retreat to our gated neighborhoods to sip champagne and avoid the poor' when that is so obviously the subtext."

"Hartsfield-Jackson absolutely should be under state control. Something that important to Georgia should not be run at the whims of criminally-minded Atlanta mayors."

"I strongly agree with Mayor Pennington that those meetings should be open to the public. We've had enough backroom meetings and closed meetings and backroom deals going on, so let's open them up."

"Donald Trump is the best president we've ever had."

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