Today's Forum for Jan. 13

"There is no bilking involved in a SPLOST. Those who vote for one know what the money will be spent on. They know how much money will be spent. Before they vote for it."

"SPLOST projects sound appealing. But does either the city council or the county commission require an estimate of the ongoing operational and maintenance costs of every proposed project and evaluate how those costs will impact property tax rates? No, they don't. Yes, they should."

"I agree with the commenter calling out the city worker on his or her bellyaching. In 2019, all City of Dalton employees received a 3% raise. In 2020, all City of Dalton employees received another 3% raise. Is it because these employees met or surpassed benchmarks or performed their jobs admirably? No, it's solely because they work for the government. How many of you out there have received a 6% pay increase in the past two years? Yeah, me neither."

"Pelosi's delay in sending the impeachment articles to the Senate accomplished at least three things. It revealed McConnell's plan to conduct a sham trial. It allowed time for John Bolton to announce he was willing to testify. And it put pressure on Republican senators who have a conscience to conduct a fair trial with witnesses. The political cartoon in Sunday's paper with Pelosi and the dog was gross, demeaning and sexist."

"Simple economics is the reason the developer seeks to rezone the Dickson Acres residential property for a commercial parking lot. The commercial property he owns facing Walnut Avenue is worth much more per acre than the residential property in Dickson Acres. He doesn't want to use it for a mere parking lot."

"God tolerates evils because he has the power to stop it anytime that he's ready. He will stop it when he's ready and no longer willing to tolerate these evils and immoral acts."

"Our local and state government newer rules were purposely written in order to keep the public out of their self-interest business, which originally was the people's business. Please read Jim Zachary's article in Sunday's Daily Citizen-News. Get out and vote!"

"Dick Yarbrough's column on Sunday should be taught in every Sunday school and school across America. If people did all that there’s no telling what this nation could be."

"People need to educate themselves on consolidation of governments. They don’t save taxpayers any money and services are always degraded. I wonder why people choose to live in the city? Better services possibly? Brush pickup, garbage service, a properly staffed and trained fire department, and enough police officers to respond in a timely manner. City taxpayers are getting a very good return in their investment. Educate yourselves."

"I am a county resident and my property taxes where almost $2,000 in 2019. My burglar alarm was activated the other day and it took over 16 minutes for law enforcement to arrive. City taxpayers need to count their blessings."

"See you later, Jake Fromm. Enjoy your NFL money while you hold a clipboard on the sidelines and never play a meaningful snap in the pros."

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