Today's Forum for July 9

"The Social Security Administration hasn't mismanaged your funds. Congress has borrowed from it for decades, and cut program administration in order to make it appear ineffective. Write your congressman and tell him you want it fixed, not destroyed."

"People who call Social Security a Ponzi scheme don’t understand how either of those things work and doubtlessly the program has been in effect for longer than they’ve been alive."

"I find that the best comics in the paper are the Varnell Police Department, the Cohutta Police Department and our county commissioners. Keep it up, guys. You can't make this stuff up."

"The Democrats are not really after the truth about President Trump. They’re after you and I to pay more taxes. If they were after the truth, then Hillary Clinton would be in prison."

"Painting over old artwork of George Washington is wrong on so many levels. The worst of which is the loss of a teachable moment. Simply attach a high-tech, Bluetooth-enabled documentary about the role of slavery, how it got that way, and what it took, and how long it is taking, to get rid of it, and what the alternatives were at the time, etc. We could all learn something instead of denying it."

''Carpet mill owners should be ashamed. Mills are in excess of 100 degrees. Employees burn up while management sits in an air-conditioned office. Then they get to go to a restaurant for one hour and relax while we get 20-minute breaks, and get in trouble if we take too long a break.''

"To the person that mentioned being unable to work out without a cellphone, maybe they're just using their phone to listen to music while they work out. Maybe they want to keep it close by in case of an emergency. Don't be so judgmental, and mind your own business."

"Take a civics class sometime. The judiciary is the equal to the executive, not its subordinate. They can strike down unconstitutional executive orders because that is the power our Founding Fathers vested in the courts."

"I will never understand why Megan Rapinoe ever agreed to accept a position to play on the U.S. women’s national soccer team. Why would she want to play for a country that she holds with such contempt?"

"The Braves are world beaters every June and July. Maybe this year they can find a way to make some noise in October."

"To the person that said the Fourth of July parade was because Russia and North Korea do it, that is very mistaken because he did that to antagonize people like you."

"For all you whiners and gripers complaining about Trump using the military in a parade, apparently you don't remember Kennedy's inauguration in which Washington was hit by a major snowstorm and they sent Army troops to clear the streets."

"This is to the person that dislikes America due to Donald Trump — get out, get out, get out."

"A president that ignores the constitutional powers of Congress and inserts himself in national holidays has exposed himself as a wannabe dictator."

"Trump has said he wants to stay in office for a long time and he would love to be a dictator. You should be able to see that.''

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